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R(endezvous) O(f) F(ood) L(overs)

ROFL – Quite contrary to the well known abb. this one actually blows out to read – Rendezvous Of Food Lovers. This Italian small cosy place on the Law college road in itself is an example of being within the city but away from it as it keeps you away from the city shor.  ROFL… Continue reading R(endezvous) O(f) F(ood) L(overs)

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Cafe Mestizo – Reviewed

The new food destination of Pune – #BalewadiHighStreet has become the second home for #TheBTeam guys and if you want to meet us just drop by there and you should be able to meet atleast one of us there. It feels great to literally own a piece of popular and sought after Pune food destinations.… Continue reading Cafe Mestizo – Reviewed

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Good just got better – it’s not good, its Effin-Gud

Effingut Brewerkz had been a hangout place for beer enthusiast’s right from the very day of its inception and the man, the legend, behind this crazy hangout – Mr. Manu Gulati believes so much in revolution that he is always on the lookout for experimentation. ‘Long Live Craft beers’ that’s the catch phrase – a… Continue reading Good just got better – it’s not good, its Effin-Gud

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Burning up @500 * Fahrenheit

24 Feb: The world is experiencing a tsunami of disruptive ideas which is rapidly changing the conventional scenarios in each and every business line. Things, ideas, service lines tend to get merge into one another to create better customer experiences. Old ways get annihilated to be taken over by mind boggling innovative concepts. I just happen… Continue reading Burning up @500 * Fahrenheit

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Lollapalooza -Attraction redefined

Just witnessed the grand launch of Lollapalooza the rooftop pub at Vision galleria, Pimple Saudagar. The place has been creating sensation for some time now and the young crowd of Pimple Saudagar and surrounding areas has been awaiting the launch eagerly. Amid the much anticipated fanfare the place was thrown open to crowd with DJ… Continue reading Lollapalooza -Attraction redefined

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Experiencing Madness in the Donkey’s Arse

We Indians have an ability to convert calamity into opportunity. What you doubt that? Take this then for example. What started off as a heated debate between two frustrated, dead tired  peeps actually made it as a name of one of the trio of the new happening Madness in town. The two were fighting off… Continue reading Experiencing Madness in the Donkey’s Arse

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Belgian Beer Soft launch at TJ’s

27th Jan, 16: The below review is for the soft launch of Belgian beers at TJ’s brew works which happens on the 1st of Feb. Attended by some of the brethren from blogger community and some well-known faces of marketing and PR industry, the tasting session was hosted by Ashwini of TJ’s for us. A… Continue reading Belgian Beer Soft launch at TJ’s