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Mineority by Saby – Reviewed

It was a while that the Bhukkads of the B team had been to a theme restaurant and this pattern was broken by none other than the new kid in the theme restaurant block – Mineority Café. The décor is very well crafted and creates seamless experience to take the patrons to the world of miners. The place serves food which is equally different and unique and something which won’t be seen on the menu cards of Punes best eat outs.

We started with beetroot cutlets named – Mining Club cutlets. Hands down the best use of beetroot till date. The cutlets were made to look like fish fillets which were coated with golden brown crumbs all over. The dish was served with tamarind chutney which went really well with it. #MustHave

Next we had the Dehati Fish and chips. Rhetoric? Not really; coz these came wrapped in colocasia leaves. The fish used was a betki and I had a little hard time adjusting to it at first but it soon brought up the flavours hidden within and I figured in no time that the fish needed mustard sauce. An additional mustard sauce dip and the dish was perfect. #HighlyRecommnended

Kalimpong Cheese rolls were crispy cheese wonders to set my mood for the evening and paired just right with a 15 yr Glenlivet on the rocks. The shades of white and yellow from the rind of the Kalimpong cheese that went in these crispy shells gave the dish its colors while the acidity and tang from the cheese is what gave a strong definite flavour to the dish. #MustTry

Black chicken skewers were the once that can be called as flavour bomb for the night. Now the presentation might not be that appealing but hey they were meant to bring that rustic charcoal mine feeling to the food and they did that job pretty good. The smokiness is kept at bay and the additional blackness is brought in with the use of some sesame paste. I literally stuffed myself on these tender meat chunks. #MustHave

Now the mines are an integral part of Orissa and our next in line up had the same influence captured. The odiya chaniya mania fish was a let down. The use of ‘ber’ actually didn’t went well with the dish.

The Hyderabadi Nizam mutton seekh – Yet another brilliant dish. The mutton was minced just right and the kebabs were made to retain moisture post grilling over a charcoal barbeque. The use of kasundi made the dish score even more. #MustHaveimg_6008

Coal field Margherita – Pizza is making its way on each and every menu the city restaurants have to bring to table and how could they be left behind. The pizza here is a simple hand made, stone baked thin crust with generous use of mozzarella and basil. #Decent

Shoe Rolls – was a choux pastry with a filling made up of cheese and mushrooms and crushed pepper corns. Loved this starter.

While others relished sips from amongst Pomegranate Caipiroska, Mango Ginger Margarita and a few others I was happy with my glass of Glen Livet double.img_6024

No tasting is complete without a round of desserts and this was no exception either. WE relished 3 desserts:

The Tres Leches Cake – Latin American three milk cake of soft vanilla sponge, condensed milk and heavy whipped cream was just heavenly. I was stuffed from all the food and yet I couldn’t stop myself from gorging on all of it that was there. #MustHaveimg_6050

Jurassic Cheesecake – A cheese cake made using burnt chenna poda and topped with guaja flakes. This recipe comes from Orissa. I can’t really comment on the authenticity part of it but then the cake as such could only appeal to me in texture. It wasn’t as good as the Leches cake.

Goran’s Bajadera – The dessert was much more in visual appeal than the other two and the layering was equally tempting however the hardness of the nougat used took away all the glory. The texture was just too hard to crumble and as such the biteable morsel couldn’t yield on the flavours enough to make it woo its audience.img_6048

The place has a huge roof top and immense sitting capacity. It also operates out of a location which has been famous for years for ‘The Ship’ that sailed its shores. The place is just the right kind of place to unwind over some drinks and delicious finger food. A big shout out to team Mineority and Carina for having us over.

Mineority By Saby Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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