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Flying high over Area 51

It was a Saturday night and area 51 was throwing up a Bollywood Tamasha with dj’s coming over from Mumbai for the weekend party. You may like any genre but you dance best to desi Bollywood tunes don’t you? So here we were 3 couples to get mesmerized and spend Saturday in style at Area 51. Some of us were here before when the deck used to be a revolving one but they have long stopped that unfortunately. The party scene matured post 10.20 or so and people started coming onto the dance floor. The place is huge and has a shape of a flying saucer. There are enough tables to accommodate over 100 pax easily at a time. The place has nice acoustics and sound system to turn the floor into dance floor. Now all you need is good dj on the console spinning some groovy tracks. The guest dj’s came onto the console post 10.40 or so and continued till 2 a.m. A very good point of the place is that the entire area is a no smoking zone so that others don’t have to tolerate the smoke. The light system is enough to set the right kind of mood.


Coming to food and drinks, I would say that the place although a good place to spend weekend partying with friends is not a place you should expect much on food front. We had few drinks and some finger food to go along with it; and below is a draft of my first-hand experience.

Pink lady (200) was a strawberry crush based drink and as you might expect it was a tad too sweet than a mocktail should be. Long island ice tea (450) was decent but nothing too alluring here either. I ordered a classic martini which to my surprise was not available. So I settled for cranberry and mint martini (450). The martini did its job well and was the most appreciated drink for the night. Blue lagoon (450) was yet again made a little sweeter and the aerated fizz was missing which made it a dull drink.

Coming to food we had Nachos which were decent and crispy. There was also an accompanying sour cream dip. The dip could have been better and creamier in texture to elevate the dish as a whole. Next we had Margherita pizza, which was a big bummer in itself. Contrary to the belief that a Margherita would be a simple cheese and basil pizza this one turned out to be an all veggie variant which saw the likes of bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and a processed cheese layer that didn’t melt correctly. The pizza was nothing less than a disaster and a simple pan pizza that you make in your kitchen is much better a variant. We had some chicken lollipop which were firstly not at all plated properly, were just chicken lollipops with a plethora of corn flour batter coating to encapsulate it. I forgot that I was eating at a restaurant and had reached to by-lanes of city where you get those cheap Chinese dishes for 50 Rs a plate by now. The garlic prawns came in next, which was the most successful dish of the evening. This was just what you want it to be, tender, juicy, deveined prawns with a thin coating and abundant garlic all drenched and fried in mild mustard based gravy. #Yummy

Honey chilly potato was basically fries glazed with an extremely thin – n – dilute honey chilly sauce dressing. These were decent to taste but some of them were not cooked correctly and were raw in the center. The pepper chicken, was yet another decent dish although a bit charred one which obviously made it dry. The pepper chicken that came a 2nd time was better so the dish gets a clearance from me. The garlic bread that came onto table was made using the same processed cheese and as such this one too similar to pizza didn’t melt properly. The bread was over done and the cheese was just sitting as a frozen layer atop.

The staff was courteous, helpful and did a fair job in tending to its patrons. But, the place needs a lot of improvement if I take a stab purely from food and drinks perspective. The rates I felt were a tad bit on the higher side too. I understand that rates will vary from place to place but then the ambiance and experience needs to match that standard equally well. A simple illustration to explain: a small old monk costs 200, Red bull is 300, Jagerbomb 700 which you get in 350 to 500 range, corona yet again 500 as against 300 odd bucks; so yes the pricing is certainly not economical. The place needs a complete overhaul strategy to revamp the place and create it a much different and better experience than that it is at present. All this and still I would say it is good place to go for a weekend party where you want to let down your hair and just do your gig. Forget the food part till it is brought up to speed here but the place is good as a dance floor. A special shout out to Blue Tan agency for having us invited over and the management who made us apart of the whole area 51 experience.img_20170129_020655896
(Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own and from the single or multiple experiences that I have had with the food joint. While you are free to disagree with the opinion below; please respect the originality and fairness of the content. The taste and experience might differ from the one portrayed for varied reasons like the Chef and staff that serves you, Ingredients used and other factors that change from time to time. The opinion/ review is purely based on my experience and there is no biased, favoured or commercial angle to it. At times, I might have used a few references from the freely available information on the internet to draw a correct more accurate picture but the sole intent of the is review is to give back a piece of my experience to the foodie community.)

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