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Tipico Espanola – Quedar hipnotizado

‘Tipico Espanola Restaurante’ – which literally translates to ‘Typical Spanish Restaurant’ is the first of its kind restaurant in Pune and possibly Maharashtra which serves authentic Spanish food. Ramesh Perumal who originally hailed from Pune but long settled in Spain; had long been waiting to get into food industry and his dream came true with this place opening up in Mundhwa.  An aficionado of Spanish food himself the choice of cuisine was a no brainer. He put his heart and soul into this project and months later he was able to bring some authentic Spanish food onto the plates of Pune foodies. Now, I cannot and won’t bet on the authenticity part of the recipes recreated but I can say this for sure that the amount of detail, sincerity and the generous attitude these dishes are made using; they would certainly be very close if not the same. None the less, I can vouch for that the dishes will most certainly appeal to palate tips of Pune foodies. So if you are not averse to trying new food and cuisines you must have already by now tried their specialties, if not what are you waiting for?

A glimpse of the place and the food that I could try:

The place although not very huge is decked very well, has chick interiors and a cool café feel to it. The place is brightly lit, very well maintained. There is a see through kitchen counter that let the patrons be a part of the cooking process. The menu is on purpose kept minimal initially and then it will add on some new recipes over a while. The place currently serves mocktails in the absence of a liquor license but those are some nice coolers which can pair up real nice with the dishes you order.


Watermelon Mojito was the best of the lot that had watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, kiwi Mojito. Watermelon was perfect in sweetness and had a refreshing feel to it. Raspberry was a tad bit sweet then it should be and blueberry was also little more syrup based and could justify the use of blueberry in it. Kiwi on the other hand was most balanced and the highly appreciated drink.


We simple had to start with a Spanish Omelette as that is one dish that we Indians have as the first word of our Spanish dictionary. The Tortilla Espanola (Rs 229) was a fluffy omelette that had mashed potatoes and onion filing within and some garlic bread to accompany. The omelette was very mild and the filling was very subtle, but loved it totally. And I don’t really have to say that it was nothing like what we are used to eating.

{Trivia: Spanish dishes are meant to be using very less salt. The Spanish recipes are all made in Olive oil and everything literally everything that we had at Tipico was bathed in olive oil. Now at first we were apprehensive about such generous use of olive oil for every preparation. After all its oil and once used in such enormous proportions would mean consuming a lot of it inadvertently. The staff could understand our anxiety and confirmed that Spanish dishes in fact are known to use olive oil in abundance for its benefits such as the vital vitamins, nutrients and the antioxidants it is known to supply for. Olive Oil is also believed to be rich in mono saturated fats that help lower risk of heart diseases and benefit insulin levels there by lowering risk of diabetes.}

Croquetas de Verduras [Crispy Veg Balls] and Croquetas de Pollo [Crispy Chicken Balls] were crispy balls with very lite exterior coating. The balls were not at all oily, which was a big plus. The minced filling was absolutely brilliant and for once I would have to admit that the veg croquetas were much better than the chicken once. The accompanying parsley-basil Spanish salsa verde was simply divine. The verde paired and elevated the overall feeling to a whole new level. #SimplySuperb #HighlyRecommended

Now since most of the dishes that are available at TE come in three variants – veg (Mushroom), chicken and Prawn based; for our next starter Ramesh, served us all the three variants of Ajillo. So the next three dishes we had were: Champinones al Ajillo [Garlic Mushrooms] (Rs 379), Pollo al Ajillo [Garlic Chicken] (Rs 449) and Gambas al Ajillo [Garlic Shrimps] (Rs 639). All the dishes were brilliant and are simply a must try. Choosing one dish over the other was very difficult but still if I were to rate amongst the three I would rate the mushrooms as the winner. The Ajillo’s were all served in typical flat iron troughs and are served completely drenched in olive oil. Don’t you worry about the sea of olive oil you see in the pictures; it’s an integral part and trust me they give the taste that the dish deserves. #MustTry #SignatureDish


Mains saw variants of Paella – Paella Vegetal (Rs 689) and Paella de Pollo y Verduras (Rs 789) which comes in huge quantity to suffice two people. If you are already done with some starters then even 4 people might find it difficult to finish one Paella. The portions served are huge and you get full in no time so order carefully when at TE. Paella is a rice preparation and uses lots of veggies like peppers, kidney beans, tomatoes, beans, garlic and olive oil. The only difference between the two variant would be that the later one would have some boiled chicken pieces added.


We had some Peach and Apricot mousse and a chocolate mousse for desserts. Both the mousse were very soft and creamy. Chocolate mousse was a standard affair but then the peach and apricot was a well thought combination. The contrast was very evident and the flavors were enticing. A simple and effective way to end your meal. #Recommended

Verdict: The place can treat you with some near authentic Spanish food which uses the best of the ingredients. The attention to minute details such as cutlery, earthen and metal ware used to serve, décor etc help take you to Spanish boulevard and make you come closer to Spanish culture. The Chef leave no stone unturned in recreating recipes as close as possible. The portions are huge so order carefully or go in bunch of 4.

A big shout out to Zubair and Aatif from ReachOut PR for inviting us and Ramesh and Team Tipico for hosting us.

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