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Penthouze reloaded – v2.0

Penthouze has been there in town for long now but recently it was upgraded, revamped and reincarnated as a Penthouze v2.0. The B Team was called in for an exclusive tasting and to experience the new place first hand. The new place has been opened up a little further than what used to be. The roof top now spreads for over 70 % of the place and sports a long dual side bar counter that stocks a variety of liquor. The chief mixologist has made his mark in Mumbai market and now is here to enthrall the Pune audience.

Drinks menu:

13th Rooftop Caipirinha
[Rs. 500] – A white rum based drink using pomegranate and lime juice in a sugar syrup base. This was appreciated by all and should be on your list of lookouts.

The Indian summer – A classic use of raspberry liquor and paired with tonic water. The tonic water is made in house. A nice attempt indeed.

Sky Sour [Rs 500] – An example of experiment going overboard. This one used a bourbon, brandy along with egg white. The egg white game it a stench and also a weird sour taste. Thumbs down on this one.

Dreakdlock Mojito [400] – A fusion of dark and white rum along with passion fruit puree. This was voted the best drink for the evening. #MustHave

Paan Mojito – A drink which got improvised with the feedback coming from us. Isn’t that what we are there for? It feels so good to give back something and contribute to the food industry. Now as the name suggests this one was a paan (beetle leaf) based drink. The drink was being made way too strong and ingredients were overclocked to perform. We suggested on toning it down and the 2nd time this drink came it was a recipe perfected. #Recommended

Date Me [350] – Another egg white based drink, using Bacardi and rose petals to garnish. The drink was again side lined owing to use of the egg white.


img_5389Panko Fried Mediterranean Mushrooms [Rs. 300] – Fresh button mushrooms stuffed with pesto, mayo served with spicy dip. This dish was appreciated for the extreme contrasts of texture and flavours brought together.


Stuffed Mozzarella Chicken [Rs. 300] – Chicken stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese and marinated with mixed herbs. The texture was just perfect and the use of balsamic reduction to pair up with the dish paid off well. #HighlyRecommended.


Fresh Basil Indian Salmon [Rs. 400] – A wholesome rawas was used in a pesto sauce marinade and garnished with fresh basil. The recipe was a hit since it could do justice to the use of pesto sauce.

img_5395Parmesan Crusted Chicken [Rs. 350] – This was love at first bite, simply put. The chicken breast was dusted with parmesan cheese, and the roasting made it into a brown sour crust. The accompanying balsamic and cilantro dips were also pairing aptly. #HighlyRecommended.

Paneer Hariyali Tikka [Rs. 350] – Soft Cottage cheese chunks covered in spicy spinach marination. The recipe was very well executed and the special attraction was that you get to grill it to your taste on a small portable barbeque which is brought onto the table. #Delicious


Pita Pocket Falafel [Rs. 350] – Crunchy falafel served with hummus in an attractive floral arrangement. The hummus was the heart and soul of the dish and that failed to appeal to my taste buds. The use of olive oil probably was not enough to impart that peculiar taste. The team insisted that the hummus is supposed to be that way and was a close replica of the actual Lebanese delicacy. I would still prefer the hummus dip at Marrakesh over this one. The dish however, was a success.


Cilantro Jalapeno Pizza [Rs. 400] – A pizza with cilantro, onions, jalapenos and olives for toppings. #HighlyRecommended


Tiger Prawns with Mushroom Risotto – This was a masterpiece for sure. The risotto was perfect sticky in nature and the mushy mushroom gave the contrast of texture to the dish as a whole which elevated the overall experience. #MustHave

Penne Pesto Sauce [Rs. 400] – Not someone who appreciates pesto too much unless made with extreme precision and slightly mild in flavour I might not be the best judge for the dish but then I couldn’t appreciate this dish as much as I did for the rawas either.

Lamb Burger [Rs. 500] – A job well done with mutton patty being just what it is supposed to be – Thick, uniform, finely minced and flavourful. The thyme could be felt somewhere in the back of the palate every once in a while. A tip here would be to try experimenting with different sauce dressings atop. Personally I feel cilantro or mint mayo could pair very well with this. #Recommended.

Seafood Saffron Risotto [Rs. 550] – Another risotto dish showcasing chef’s expertise. This dish had seafood palter quiet literally in it with clams, prawns, squids all tossed in a saffron gravy. #HighlyRecommended


Chocolate Big Bang [Rs. 300] – The meal was set to end on a dramatic note for the best part was saved for the end. A hemisphere made of chocolate made the igloo and encased all the goodies inside which were revealed once the hot white chocolate was poured onto it. The mess should be eaten up all together to experience that mouthful of flavours feeling. #Yummy.

A big shout out to Carpe Diem for inviting us and Team Penthouze for hosting us and incorporating our feedback into their menu.

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