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Teddy Boy – The new kid on the block

Priyank Sukhija has a made a big bang entry into Pune restaurant scene with their flagship brand –  Teddy Boy. Opened around 2.5 months back in Deron Heights building on Baner main road the brand is in direct competition to some of the most well-known biggies of Pune like Agent’s jack’s bar, The Irish village and of course the legendary Effingut Brewerks. So what are some of the strengths that Teddy Boy would like to bank upon? Well, for starters they are a successful chain of restaurant that has a strong backing of experience harnessed from some of the very tough markets, they are located at a perfect spot for a roof top restaurant, they have some real new kinda fusion food up the menu and they have Doyel Sarangi (The Master Chef finalist) doing their menu conceptualization for the outlet. The bar menu is pretty diverse and has some classics coming in from molecular gastronomy books. The place spreads across two floors and is decked up with retro look. The terrace with over 13k sq ft area overlooks the new and happening Baner, and shades of black and wood creates a perfect romantic getaway right within the city.


The menu for the bloggers table was pretty extensive with over 2 soups, 5 mocktails/ cocktails, 13 starters, 6 mains and 2 desserts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be a part of the entire tasting but I did have enough of each of the items to pick out 7 special items that you should really look forward to at Teddy Boy.


Banta Bubbly Paan: The drink true to its name is a rose flavoured bubbly vodka based drink. The drink had two extreme flavours of that of rose and paan. The drink was served with a lot of fanfare and it made the ambiance all mystical with the mist spreading out of the bottle. #LovedIT


Black Forest Martini: Made from vodka and chocolate liquer the drink is real smooth and high on appeal factor. The creamy froth also something that complements the drink. A little on the sweeter side but the drink is sure to make you fall in love with itself. #SweetPosion


Kasundi Chicken Skewers: Skewers are something to be found on every restaurant’s menu; however this one was made in a mustard mayo dip in a Bengali style. The use of Kasundi was brilliant and the dip complemented the skewers in most perfect way. #Recommended

Smokey Wings: Yet another menu that is very common and one that was transformed into Teddy Boy special.  The chicken wings were coated with desi spicy masala and char grilled. The tenderness of meat and burnt crispy chicken fat lobules made the experience a memorable one and made the wings something unique. The dish came along with 4 sides – pickled carrots, cucumber, salted curd dip, mint chutney and some spicy onion rings. The pairing of sides made the dish visually appealing too. #HighlyRecommended


Teddy Fiery Prawns: Crunchy, spicy prawns served with some crispy lettuce and salad. The sauce was a variant of schezwan sauce in a creamy base. If you love crunchy stuff you would certainly like this one. #Recommended

img_20161102_204353894-01Grilled Herbed Prawns:  This was by all means a star attraction and something which is a must have at Teddy Boy. The sauce used is a Doyel special sauce and the black peppered prawns are totally transformed once they are glazed with the sauce. The dish has a lot of eye candy elements too in the form of colored and pickled radish, carrot, a radish, some garlic mayo and some extra sauce dip. The dip is made a little spicy as against the one used for glazing so you get to feel the contrast in the same sauce. As strange it may sound, the idea actually clicked and paid off. #MustHave #YumYum  

The soups that were served were unique to have beer. Never ever have I had beer based soup. The concept sounds weird but it wasn’t disaster. You can actually try one to find out if you can develop a palate that appreciates such twist of wrist.

img_20161102_223645154When you have Chef Doyel in the house how can you not have some Masterchef special recipes being served up? The deserts that came up were desserts of some new level. We had Golgappa choco shots and fried choco noodles with ice cream. The Golgappas came in a short glass with white chocolate sauce topping. A smooth creamy sauce made the dessert all the more tempting. The crunchy element in the dessert was the chocolate boondi. The dessert was a nice little surprise and reflected Doyel’s own signature style.

Teddy Boy is ideal for large get together, corporate parties or a romantic candle light dinner with your beloved. Situated on the 9th floor and terrace level of Deron Heights, Teddy Boy is a silver lining in the Baner restaurant scene.

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