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Effingut Brewerks – Oktoberfest 2016

It’s October – the time of the year when the town is painted red with the on-going Oktoberfest with almost all the outlets that serve beer. The Pune beer scene and craft beers in particular is growing in leaps and bounds. The town is crawling with micro-breweries and the patrons are showing a huge appetite for experimentation and are open to try beers of all sorts. Apart from multiple beers on the tap at these breweries, there are tons of games being played like arm wrestling, beer chugging, beer pong etc. and if that’s not enough some even go to keep special festive menu which is not available on their regular menu.

Effingut which is the most sought after brewery in Pune has been hosting Oktoberfest for some time now and this year it’s a 21 day festival which ends 11th Oct and where the team has showcased over 10 newly crafted beers and some authentic food items which will get you immersed in the mood like none other.

While they have the regular fruit based Apple cider, Strawberry cider and Peach Ginger Melomel which are milder versions and preferred by chicks and first timers they have introduced some real strong ones on the tap this time around. And with over 10 beers on the tap each and every soul is sure to find something that connects to his liking’s.


Coffee porter has been brewed recently and is drawing crowds like anything. The only contender in the Stout category this one is very well balanced and the coffee has been roasted to just the perfect extent you would expect it to be. The bitterness has been kept on the lower side but still this is appreciated by all beer enthusiasts like anything for the balance of flavours imparted.


Coming to wheat beer we have the people’s favourite – the Hefeweizen. This all-time classic is what I prefer hands down any day. The safest and yet another well balanced option on the tap.
Ordinary bitter; as they call it, is the most neutral variant available amongst the all 10 beers on the tap. First timers or people who want to go easy on beers should definitely try this one and I am sure it won’t let you down in any way.

Berliner Weisse, a mild variant crafted especially as a part of Oktoberfest has been brewed especially by ‘Thean Kruger’ (A Delhi based beer enthusiast)of what you will be seen at Effingut going forward – the #EffinBrewCrew . This beer due to all the yeast and bacteria present has a sour tart and it typically goes good with juices such as strawberry juice. This is another wheat based beer on the tap currently.


Marzen Lager – Finally we come to lagers. If you know your beers well then I bet you will love this the most. It is not officially on tap yet but the moment it is, it well just might break all the present records. A lager that is hand in hand with the Oktoberfest theme and one which has a long gestation period of over 7 months. Traditionally this is made on March and stored till October when it is made available to patrons. Here although it has been fermented for over about 8 plus weeks it is a classic with the roasted malt being very well balanced by the hops that went in


Then of-course they have the regular IPA’s on the tap which never gets old and are their strong point. Amongst the Ale’s they have English amber ale this time around.


Now, if you like strong beer then you might just opt for Dopplebock which is their strongest beer on the tap.

With that let’s move onto the special food menu for the festive period.
I am gonna keep it simple and share this picture here which is their Oktoberfest special menu. But still a word on the experience below each of the picture is how I would like to sum it up.


Mustard Chilli chicken: Soft mini chicken chunks drenched in a spicy and tangy yellow mustard gravy. The chicken marination and texture was amazing but the tanginess was slightly on the more side. #MustTry


Effingut classic vegetables: Yet another classic at Effingut but as with mustard chilli chicken I found this a tad bit to sour for my palate. #Good

Huhnerpastete: Creamy chicken with beer and honey mustard paste. This is what I would love when it comes to mustard. The honey was used simply to tone down the mustard a bit and it was not at all being felt in the resultant gravy. The addition of beer was a pleasant surprise and it did its bit with the texture as well. #SimplyLovedit.


Pilzpastete: The mushroom variant for the pastete. Similar to the Huhnerpastete this one used the honey mustard combo with the exception of mushrooms being used instead of chicken. The mushroom gave a remarkably different taste to the curry which otherwise was same for huhnerpastete. All the curries were to be relished along with some puffs. This was a very welcoming change to otherwise standard affair of assorted breads be it roti, naan or pitas. #TooGood #LovedIt


Potato wedges: The safest and most bankable option for veggies in the house. With a special hand-picked menu for Oktoberfest the vegetarians will not have too many options to relish unfortunately. The wedges were a standard affair as any other. #Standard


Hackbraten: Minced chicken loaves served with fresh herbs, Demerara sauce and olives. This was very flavoursome as it had soaked all the spices used aptly. #Yum


Doner: A rather wholesome coleslaw –err german coleslaw stuffed in pita bread pockets with chicken stripes in between. The sour cream was super yum and gave it a predominant but a rather dominating taste which the coleslaw couldn’t beat up. The chicken stripes were almost ignored in the huge stuffing and couldn’t mark its presence in the fight between coleslaw and sour cream. #CanTry


Effingut hot dog: Yet another dish, using sour cream and mustard. This one is rather a good partner to crafts and hence an in house item. #Decent


CurryWurst: We are talking German here and as such it simply ought to have a serving of CurryWurst. We were served the pork variant and I found it pretty blande and just a simple meat chunk. I have not had Curry Wurst previously so I can’t really comment on the authenticity and purpose being served or not but I certainly didn’t find it interesting either. I would give it a pass.


Brotschnitten: Came in 3 variants of BBQ Chicken, creamed spinach and smoked ham and they were liked in that order. The Ham variant was pickled way too much and the flavours went of the board totally, so much that I didn’t bother to have another bite. The spinach one was some respite to the vegetarians on the table and did a pretty good job, but the BBQ chicken was certainly the star attraction. The balance of the BBQ’ed chicken in sharp contrast to the pickled veggies was simply superb and drool worthy. #MustHave

Kohlrouladen: Cabbage rolls with spiced pilaf and cheese, very simple, non-spicy veg dish which was a rather misfit with all the tasty meat preparations. The smoked tomato sauce that accompanied wasn’t too promising either. But then there were hardly 3-4 dishes for vegetarians and as such yeah something for them to munch on. #Standard #Blande


Szegediner: I had just a small serving of this but couldn’t appreciate it as much as the other two curries a.k.a the – pastate.

Black Forest Trifle: Standard black forest preparation but only this one used a strawberry cider in the preparation and topped with whipped cream. The consistency was decent but had chance of improvement. #Yum


The Oktoberfest @ Effingut is on from 21st Sep till 11th Oct and comes at a special price tag of 1350 all inclusive on Mon, Tue, Thu and 1700 A.I on other days, 8 pm to 11 pm for unlimited beer and food. With little time left before this runs out, you shouldn’t have a second thought about booking that table for the perfect evening to cherish Oktoberfest. Cheers!!


Effingut Brewerkz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Effingut Brewerkz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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