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Trikaya – An epicurean journey to South East Asia – (Restaurant week)

img_4975Ola Prime presents ‘Restaurant Week’ powered by John Jacobs is the largest pan-India culinary event spanning 10 days, across 6 cities and gives discerning food enthusiasts the opportunity to dine at some of India’s finest restaurants at a fraction of a la carte rates. As of this round, Restaurant Week will be making its debut in Pune and will be featuring healthy and diet friendly options on the Restaurant Week menus across all cities. These menu items will include gluten free, vegan, low carb and low sugar options for health conscious diners. A nominal booking fee of INR 60 per person will be secured online at the time of making bookings and the customer can pay for the meal directly at the restaurant.

As a result of the association with Ola, all Restaurant Week diners will receive complimentary Ola rides to and from their meals in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. In addition to this, all Ola Prime Customers in all participating cities will get be given exclusive booking access 3 days in advance to when general reservations go live and a waiver on the INR 60 per diner booking fee.

This round of the largest culinary event in India will once again feature Restaurant Week Signature options over and above an extensive hand-picked menu, giving diners the option of experiencing a restaurant’s signature dish at an incremental cost. This feature, a mainstay since Restaurant Week April 2014, saw up to 33% of diners opt for this offering and will be highlighted in Restaurant Week menus at most participating restaurants. These dishes are priced at an additional INR 100 for appetisers and INR 200 for main course in Pune excluding all taxes and service charges at select participating restaurants.
As with regards to Pune; the list of participating restaurants includes:

1. Ignite Bar & Grill, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Hinjewadi
2. Kabab Hut, Sun N Sand Hotel
3. La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency Pune
4. Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park
5. Shizusan, Viman Nagar
6. Stone Water Grill, Koregaon Park
7. Terttulia, Koregaon Park
8. Trikaya, Bavdhan


A special thanks to Sheetha courtesy who, the B Team had the exclusive privilege of being a part of this unique opportunity. I was offered a special dinner treat at Trikaya Bavdhan. Excerpts from my experience are captured below.

Tikaya is a renowned fine dine restaurant located at on 3rd Floor, Aditya Shagun Mall, NDA Pashan Road, Bavdhan who specialize in South East Asian food. Chef Arjun Singh Solanki an absolute down to earth and humble person with some real magical touch that he imparts to his dishes got literally a standing ovation from the 4 of us when we were done savouring all the super tasty delectable dishes that he served us for the night.

We requested for a quencher and got to enjoy their Watermelon cooler to kick start our food trail. It was a nice and refreshing start and although it was a rather simple start none the less it acted a bit of palate cleanser for us and geared up our taste buds for the lip smacking food that was to be served up ahead. We were presented with a pre fixed menu and we were allowed to choose 1 item from each of the categories of Appetizers, Mains, Staples and a dessert.img_4998

Hot n spicy Korean chicken: 2nd Best dish of the night with the right balance of the spices and honey glaze. The diced chicken was super soft and to an extent where in it felt like melted cheese. The feeling was so enchanting that you couldn’t have enough of this beauty.

Chicken Hoisin dim sum: Basically an ardent fan of dim sums, me and my kid were quick to call out on this one. The filling was very wholesome and generous. The covering made was super thing to the extent we could see the filling inside through the translucent pockets that held them.


Malaysian Fish Curry: A portion of basa served in rich dark yellow turmeric based Malaysian curry. The proportionate use of coconut milk in contrast to galangal and some fresh lemon grass was what stole the show. Simply superb and a #musthave


Thai Green Curry: Honestly I have been to some fine Thai places in Pataya and Phuket and some local well known places and yet nothing could make me yield to a Thai green curry until I had this one. 1 spoon of this elixir and you are cloud 9 for sure. It was so damn heavenly that we literally fought each other to dig our spoons into the small bowl. I can come a 100 times for just this one thing alone. I can’t say anymore that I do not like Thai green curry. Now I am not sure of authentic Thai curry is meant to be t\like this or not or this was rather a south Indian customizes version of the dish but It made me fall in love with this dish like never before. #Absolutemusthave


Stir fried chicken in chilli basil sauce: A rather regular chicken in chilly basil sauce but loved the fact that the Basil was actually imparting its flavour rather than being just sit-on-top kind of garnish. The mild dash of freshness that basil gave made the dish special. There were few bell peppers used to occasionally impart a crunchy bite of sorts. #ShouldTry

The mains were relished along with some noodles and rice preparations that were sorted keeping in mind the mains and ones which would pair perfectly with them. It was absolute bang on pairing when we relished our mind blowing Thai green curry along with Jasmine Burnt garlic rice.


Jasmine Burnt Garlic rice: I couldn’t have asked for more when I got this as just the perfect partner in crime with the Thai green curry. The mild Jasmine flavour was absolute evident in the aroma that gripped the air around and the garlic couldn’t have been more perfect – Finely diced, golden brown and not a single piece either raw or burnt. The most perfect crispy garlic garnish that you can ever ask for. We actually thanked the Chef for not having taken the term quite literally – Burnt Garlic #Simplylovedit

Char grilled flat noodles: Mildly char grilled flat noodles with a bit of a crunch coming in from the generous use of shallot, bell peppers and cabbage. Nice accompaniment to any of the mains. I liked the fact that the noodles used were actually flat and thin in width unlike the thick bulky flat noodles you are offered at some other places. I could feel the mild difference in taste as well because of the use of these different noodles.


Thai chilli fried rice: A rather standard affair which is more of bulk and less on taste factor. This can be sued to polish the plate when you order lot of curries. But, honestly I would rather order 2-3 generous portions of burnt garlic rice rather than this one.


Stir fried Chinese Greens and veg noodle: Apt to its name this one was rather a mix bag of greens sliced and diced to be tossed into a wok. The dish had ample quantities of greens such as fresh Basil, shallots, bell peppers, carrots and some crispy garlic along with noodles. #decent


Desserts was a real mix bag of surprise for us coz on one hand we loved a few of them while we totally mocked at some others.


Date Pancake with ice cream: The crepes that sandwiched the dates were good but the dish as a whole was a let-down since the dates weren’t really sanding out in the dish owing to the dryness that it brought along.

img_5030Blueberry cheese cake: Loved the cheese cake like totally. The texture was bang on and the sauce used was just what you expect it to be – a tad sweet a bit sour Yummm…Sweeeettt..#Yummy


Wicked Chocolate Blob: Nothing but a deconstructed version of brownie with ice cream. It was a pretty standard affair. Nothing outstanding but nothing bad either. But with the expectation set really high it would be rather called a disappointment.

Biter chocolate fondue: The saddest dish of the night which had chocolate sauce along with cut fruits. The fruits had certain acidity that it imparted to the dish in contrast to the sweet chocolate sauce. Yup the sauce was not at all bitter. But, apart from that there was nothing to be impressed. I thought it to be a miss fit of sorts by all means.

A special thanks to Mr Goswamy who took good care of us for the night and the courteous staff who were always on their toes to serve us promptly. We even had a detailed session with Chef Arjun Singh who took all our feedback very sincerely and was extremely happy to see our satisfied and overwhelmed faces. All in all we were super happy to enjoy such a marvellous food and the glad that we finally discovered a good place to have south East Asian food.

The dinner was complimentary dinners invite courtesy ‘Restaurant Week India’ Team.

Trikaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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