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R(endezvous) O(f) F(ood) L(overs)

ROFL – Quite contrary to the well known abb. this one actually blows out to read – Rendezvous Of Food Lovers. This Italian small cosy place on the Law college road in itself is an example of being within the city but away from it as it keeps you away from the city shor.  ROFL is run by a sweet lady Anuradha Bhatkar aka ANU. The place was decorated with Balloons and the tables said “ROFL Welcomes TheBTeam”. We were greeted with roses. A warm host, co-operative staff, great service and on top of it the amazing breakfast spread is just bound to make your day.

We  —  #TheBTeam were invited by the ROFL family for their launch of Breakfast Tasting. Along with the widespread breakfast menu we tried the mains as well. The breakfast menu included Mocktails & Smoothies, stuffed omelettes, salads, sandwiches, pancakes. We also ordered Spaghetti Pasta and Penne pasta from the mains.

Menu at large:

Mocktails & Smoothies: Mango and Strawberry smoothies were tasty. It did satisfy our taste buds. The 3 different flavorful crusher style mocktails (Cranberry Cooler, Lime n Mint, Green apple) were made with the right level of sweetness.


Stuffed Omelettes (All served with toasted brown bread and Tomato Sauce):

Chicken & Ham Omelette: This one is for the monstrous meat lovers. An omelette with generous amount of chicken, ham and cheese stuffing was heavenly indeed. #CanTryIMG_20160619_103721

The Spanish Omelette was stuffed with mushrooms, onions and very little potatoes.  Flavours were prominent. Though I still feel the bread could have been toasted better.

The Masala Omelette had the regular spices – salt, pepper, slit green chillies, carrots, capsicum, mushrooms and cheese in it good to taste. Extra cheese could have made wonders. No complaints though. A regular omelette that anybody would like.IMG_20160619_101637

BBQ Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (Chef Special)

Salads usually are healthy, and this healthy option was all protein packed. It offered us a mix of grilled chicken, chicken salami and the omelette rolls. Veggies included potatoes, onions, cherry tomatoes n olives all tossed in balsamic vinaigrette. The lettuce though had turned pale. Had it been fresh, it would have given a different standard to the salad.



Veg. Club Sandwich – this 2 layered awesome sandwich had a veg patty made to perfection. It also had freshly sliced tomatoes, cucumber and the yummy chutney in it. #Recommended

The regular Coleslaw sandwich – finely shredded cabbage and carrots with mayonnaise was a descent dressing, on the other hand the bread was a bit dry. The tortilla chips served as sides need improvement. If they are readymade then they need to be chosen properly.IMG_20160619_101953

BBQ Chicken Sandwich – I usually do not get a BBQ sauce which I can rate the best.  BBQ sauce in this sandwich went well with the grilled chicken. Bread was grilled well. Sauce was good but scope of improvement does have a room always. #Recommended


French Fries were definitely not on the menu, but given to my baby monster to munch on. Soft and homely, but if this needs to be served to the customers, they need to be real crisp.IMG_20160619_103844

Main Course (Served with toasted Garlic bread)

Penne Pasta in Pink Sauce was a treat to our stomachs. The creamy and tangy combination of the white and red sauce in the pasta made it secure the first place. It was super tasty. Can’t get enough of this. The Garlic bread was fresh and buttery. #Highly Recommended.


Spaghetti Pasta in Pesto Sauce was descent. The pesto sauce was rightly made with the appropriate amount of spices in it. The sun dried tomatoes and the curry leaves in it gave a nice aroma. Personally I feel the spaghetti could have been cooked a little more.IMG_20160619_111516IMG_20160619_111508


Walnut Brownie with Ice cream: it was good, like it always is. The brownie was moist and had sufficient walnuts in there.  #RecommendedIMG_20160619_112554

Apple Pie with Ice cream: Apple pie was descent. Contained little extra cinnamon which can be overlooked. Had it been a little moist it would have won my heart. #CanTryIMG_20160619_112753

Pancakes with Ice-cream and Honey: Pancakes were moist. Served with Vanilla ice-cream, honey and diced apples. Pancake lovers who can have pancakes in any form can have this for sure. I haven’t liked it much to be recommended.

On the last note we were also served hot and cold coffee. Both were just what you expect them to be. Amazing way to end the heaviest breakfast that we had in long time.IMG_20160619_104650

However warm the welcome was the good-bye was a cherry on the top. A big thank you blackforest cake with actual cherries on the top. Thank you cards and return gifts to each one of us. Team ROFL was a good host with a well set breakfast menu and one which will be kind on pockets too.

Bon Appetite!!!

(Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own and from the single or multiple experiences that I have had with the food joint. While you are free to disagree with the opinion below; please respect the originality and fairness of the content. The taste and experience might differ from the one portrayed for varied reasons like the Chef and staff that serves you, Ingredients used and other factors that change from time to time. The opinion/ review is purely based on my experience and there is no biased, favoured or commercial angle to it. At times, I might have used a few references from the freely available information on the internet to draw a correct more accurate picture but the sole intent of the is review is to give back a piece of my experience to the foodie community.)

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