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Terttulia – una multa cenar

Terttulia with their first Pune outlet in KP had topped by list of must visit places the moment I had been there over a tasting and since then have always visited on some peculiar occasion but now after having visited their BHS outlet I am not just sure but rather hell bent on making them change their tag line – EAT, DRINK, LOVE. I believe they should re-word it to ‘Come experience the love’. Relax, I am no fan of DDLJ nor Aditya Chopra is paying me to promote any of his upcoming film but I can’t help but share what an amazing experience it was on my visit to Terttulia – BHS. I can vouch for this place with utter confidence for the sole reason that even apart from the food tasting that me and my blogger buddies at #TheBTeam revelled in till the tinniest bit, I have had absolutely amazing experience the next 2-3 times I have been there. So much that, I even pulled off a 15 people team lunch for my office colleagues and their reaction came in just 2 words – ‘Paisa Vasool’. Terttulia is known for its spot on hospitality which is another reason why it is a gem in the crown that adorn the team Carpe Diem and the legacy just takes a step higher with its second outlet at BHS. BHS is quite literally a battlefield with the best brands of the hospitality industry giving a cut throat competition to each other to grab into share of one another and yet Terttulia happens to be the most sought after destination and in direct comparison to Incognito. The reason is fairly simple some of the best and delicately crafted dishes are served with the warmest of hospitality to expect. The sheer burst of flavours you get to savor in absolutely every single bite is the sole reason that the feeling – the indulgence lingers on long after you have left from the place and this I believe is the sole reason why Terttulia gets to be what it is.

Our tasting night was simply meant to be over the edge with perfectness redefined in every single aspect be it the menu, the company or the host. Team Carpe had their pretty host Samantha Sirohi (yup our two pony tailed Deepa from DCH) host #TheBTeam exclusive tasting at Terttulia.



A quick word on the décor and then we will move to the food part. The alfresco area is an approx. 30 seater area with European touch to it. The interiors also blend in with the theme with fractured mirrors, wood showcases that hold some antiques, walls that are adorned with ceramics and porcelain, some good use of picture frames and wallpapers in the rest to give a classic European feel. The hall also sports a couple of chandeliers to add to the props which are already galore.

I won’t bore you with long descriptions of ingredients and how to make the recipe stand out or why it is so good instead try to speak through my pics and just try and make your imagination run amok with a bit of a description. Ready are we? Let the roller coaster of flavours roll.

IMG_3830Appletini – vodka redefined with sweet and sour flavours in the right mix #Musthave

Watermelon Mojito and Watermelon Caprioska – the right thirst quenchers and perfect to revitalize you on a hot summer evening.

Sparkling Sangria – Red wine takes a back seat and sparkling wine makes a debut.

A treat for the throat you ask? Fret not. Behold the heavenly drink – Pear Ginger martini Err Japanese Pear ginger martini. A potent mix of Vodka, Japanese ginger, pear and some ginger juice.

The karari roti – the buzz of the town and Signature dish at Terttulia #MustHave

Healthy Salads:

Salads were quite literally the most balanced recipes for the night with all the different aspects being captured and plated to create some amazing salads for your palate.

IMG_3878Roasted beets and goat cheese salad with smoked Salmon  – Smoky salmon, crunchy pine nuts on a bed of fresh arugula and topped with goat cheese. Take some time and imagine how they would pair up.

Asian Red apple salad – cranberry, almonds, Asian red apples and quinoa salad bottled up served with raspberry vinaigrette. #HighlyRecommended

Three Mushroom Ragout and Mozzarella sandwich – The yummiest recipe of the night. Perfectly cooked mushroom ragout with sticky threads of cheese stuffed inside crispy golden brown bread. This was finished in no time and was ordered again. #Foodgasm #Musthave #Veggiesdelight

IMG_3935The Minute Steak with Quinoa Onion Gyros – Meat overload with veggies and goat cheese served with a spicy mustard dip and bucket of fries. The dish was good in the sense on all the meatiness and robustness it packed in that wrap (tied with a clothespin – savvy eh?) but the dip wasn’t the best accompaniment and so also I would have appreciated it more if it was a little more moist. I felt it dry for my palate.

 IMG_3915IMG_3916Pulled pork bao with spicy kimchi – Super soft bao’s stuffed with pork in tangy spicy sauce garnished with veggies, cabbage and pickles. #Recommended

Indopean Street panipuri – A fusion dish serving tangy panipuri with ‘red salad bowl’ lettuce. Classic twist and a dish requesting finesse. Absolutely appealing in appearance and taste. #Chatoritreat

The Broccoli Aglio Olio Peperoncino – Tangy broccoli preparation. A little less lime would been appreciated.

Char grilled fish tacos – Soft perfectly cooked fish smothered with spicy tomato salsa preparation. The texture was simply perfect and the flavours burstful. The veggies and garnishing used was slightly distracting the dish I suppose and had not real purpose as I see.

S.T.D. and Chipotle Chilli Rubbed Grilled Prawns Skewers – Served on watermelon cubes this was certainly and eye candy dish of the evening. No definite flavour was evident and the dish failed to impress the likes of us.

IMG_3942Homemade Ravioli of Mushroom and Pine Nuts – Yet another star dish of the evening. The creamy texture was too good and the mushroom ravioli worked wonders with a mild crunchiness coming in from the filling. #Musthave

Prawns coconut malai curry with steamed rice – Needs you to be a seafood lover of sorts for the curry was much more coastal than I could savor. The prawns used were also made to retain the crunchiness.

IMG_3944IMG_3950Red Wine braised Lamb Ragout – a meaty affair for sure this was ideal as a recipe but I would appreciate it more if the cheese used wouldn’t be parmesan and the meat could be allowed to be little more soft and cooked. The dish used noodles and lamb skewers which are slightly undercooked. Not sure of the recipe but I would prefer it appropriately cooked and soft.


IMG_3953Gooey chocolate cake – We were so full form the first three course meal that dessert was something we could have avoided and yet on being insisted we yielded up as desserts are too good at Terttulia to miss. (I still dream of salted caramel panna cotta) So was it a right choice? Hell yeah….Time for some gooey chocolate cake. The cake was literally collapsing when served because of all the gooeyness packed within. The cake was a balanced mix of regular and dark chocolate and as such it wasn’t too sweet or bitter. Perfect note to end a meal that heavy.


We had such an amazing time that we were not in a mood to pack up. After tons of selfies we finally had to call it a day, but not before we expressed our sincerest gratitude to team Terttulia, Samantha and team Carpe. Here’s a toast to Imrun Sethi and the team Terttulia for running a place that never disappoints. fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo


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