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Cafe Mestizo – Reviewed

IMG_20160526_202914638_HDRThe new food destination of Pune – #BalewadiHighStreet has become the second home for #TheBTeam guys and if you want to meet us just drop by there and you should be able to meet atleast one of us there. It feels great to literally own a piece of popular and sought after Pune food destinations. A humid Thu evening and keeping up with the routine the bhukkads were on the look out for a new place when they suddenly came to know that the place they were eagerly looking forward to for its opening has finally open their doors — Cafe Mestizo by #TheThreeWiseMonks group. We had been waiting desperately to check in at the new jewel to the BHS crown and the moment we realized that its open for business, we were all set to storm the place and possibly be the first customers for the café. So there we were; 5 of us, checking in on the launch day itself and boy did we have a great time or what. Chef Deepu was the navigator cum captain of this ship who was manning the kitchen and at the same time also welcoming guests and taking / suggesting orders.

We ordered for some coolers followed by some finger food and burgers. The frappes made the first entrance and Caramel frappe was the first to tickle our taste buds.  We started on the best note quiet literally for I found the caramel frappe as the best drink of the night. It was very thick, creamy and the  caramel flavour was very prominent #HighlyRecommended . The next thing that came close was the hazelnut frappe but the texture and consistency was not as great as caramel. Being a fan of white chocolate, I simply had to order a white chocolate frappe but as it is with white chocolate, all white chocolate dishes are meant to disappoint me and so did this frappe #NotRecommended

Next came in the cheeky dishes like ‘Lets Nacho’ or ‘Surf the turf’ and ‘Mestizo gave you wings’. While Mestizo gave you wings was a variant of sticky chicken wings with a dried teriyaki sauce…ohh sorry spicy teriyaki sauce, yeah the variant comes spicy and you better have capacity to breathe fire as few of my lily livered friends couldn’t take all that heat and were seen spitting fireballs. Taste wise we found them appealing though; if you can handle spicy food that is. Surf the Turf was a classic fish finger sandwich. Drenched with mayo sauce this was worth every single buck.  Let’s Nacho was 1 dish that was the most balanced dish served that night. While it had tons of ingredients that went in, they were absolutely well balanced to give a sharp contrasting taste with each flavor being equally promising be it smothered-in melted cheese, beans, tomatoes, capsicum or olives. #DefinitelyRecommended


Chicken Popcorn were small bite sized pieces of chicken; golden n crispy and deep fried served in a paper cone. The popcorn were tad dry for me and could have certainly used some moisture and a better texture.


In burgers we had ‘Desi by heart’ a veg burger with aloo patty mixed with …desi spices…yeah no points for guessing that….While the burger was decent I think it can be given lot more wet texture and moisture from sauces that could be used. I mean it can be as much desi as it wants and yet use some sauce right……or a chutney may be? 😉

The place is planning to start up with breakfast menu pretty soon. So to sum up a very nice warm place as a whole and hey they do have some sinful delights to please you as well even though we didn’t had our share of it that day. But like we say there is always a next time, right? I mean we haven’t really explored there menu with such a small tour for the taste buds, have we now? So until next time…..keep munching….

Cafe Mestizo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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