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Clarks Inn – Tarawade (The Bridge) Reviewed

The B Team had been making some right waves in town and this time it was a tidal wave when they hosted their #firstever #bloggersmeet at Hotel Clarks Inn Tarawade. Clarks Inn is no new name in the hospitality industry with over 80 plus ventures in North India; but now they are growing their presence in Western parts of the country and as with Pune they have been settling for over a year now with their Pune franchise under the name of Clarks Inn Tarawade. The event was powered by Foodie app and we had an amazing food tasting of Lucknowi recipes post an informative and interactive wine tasting session hosted by Rhythm wines.


Mr Akalpit from Rhythm wines gave us a small glimpse into the sommeliers world of wine tasting by elaborating the wine tasting process, what to look out for in wines along with some of the do and don’ts. Although Rhythm wines deal in as many as 7 fruit wine variants they had got the Alphonso mango and Peach flavour for us foodies to relish. The foodies couldn’t help but go gaga over the alphonso wine.

Soon after the wine tasting, we were served with some delectable recipes from the Clarks Inn kitchen. The menu was simple and served with a view to draw feedback from the top foodies of Pune as they are planning to go all out and project themselves as someone known for Lucknowi cuisine.

The menu served included: Paneer Tikka, Paneer Hariyali Tikka, Mutton Sheekh Kebab, Ajwaini Fish Tikka and Mutton Biryani.

Paneer Tikka – Moist amptly sized soft juicy chunks of paneer coated with tikka masala. #Decent

Paneer Hariyali – Densely coated paneer chunks in mild tangy haruiyali masala. These I would prefer over the paneer tikkas served earlier.


Mutton Seekh kebab – Yummy moist fully loaded mutton seekh kebabs. The best part about them was the moisture retained and yet aptly cooked. The flavour however can be enhance further and the texture could be made more brittle.


Mutton Biryani – This was a mildly flavoured mutton biryani with some amazing mutton pieces. The mutton had soaked in all the flavour of the masalas used and was perfect in terms of texture with just the right amount of cooking to balance of between falling off the bones and chewy undercooked chunks. Just one suggestion the chopping of mutton should be better as the pieces were more bones than the meat part.

IMG_4326Ajwaini Fish Tikka – This was undoubtedly the best dish of the evening and something which is #HighlyRecommended The flavour of ajwain was aptly mild and the marination and cooking was just perfect. The fish used was basa but yet it was made to soak in all the flavours. #MustHave

The desserts had their special jumbo Gulab Jamun – ice cream combo. The gulab jamun was really nice with just the right amount of sweetness and a uniform texture from core until the outer crust. Made from a generous use of khova the gulab jaumn had the perfect brittle texture as well. It was given a pleasing aroma with a lite sprinkle of rose water. The ice cream was a standard affair, nothing different really.

Verdict: The food is really nice in its own and in the Pune hospitality scene; however it needs a significant improvement before it can compete with lucknowi kebabs. We are so glad that we could help team Clarks Inn with our diverse experience to help them sail through their journey.

We had an amazing time with fellow bloggers and team Clarks Inn and simply loved their hospitality. A special thanks to Mr Akalpit from Rhythm wines to have partnered with Clarks Inn on our request and to have shared the stage with our foodie fraternity, helping us learn bit more about wines and to have offered us a wine tasting of some of his best fruit wines.


A special thanks to our fellow foodies Aprajit (a.k.a Biryanimaster), Anupam, Ashish, Basant, Siddhartha, Saquib, Sarah and duo from – The Kukkad Diaries who accepted and honoured our invitation and helped us make the event a grand success. A heartfelt thanks to Team Foodie for being our social media partners for the event and last but not the least Mr Arindham Sarkar – Resident manager, Mr Avinash Tarawade – owner Clark Inn Tarawade and team Clarks Inn for hosting us and making our first venture such a huge success. Wishing you all the very best with all your future endeavors.

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