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#Adda – every bird’s perching spot


Do you love F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Do you call yourself an ardent fan who has not only watched the 236 episode saga countless times over but also lived it practically in every other moment of your life? So answer me this simple question, we love all the 6 characters equally alike, but what’s the one thing that binds them together? That one thing which is common to all, the one which made them share their joys, sorrows and every moment of their live with their beloved FRIENDS, one thing that made them say ‘I’ll be there for you….’? —- ‘Central Perk’ of course! Can you imagine how different things would have been had it not been there? We always look out for things in our life which we can call personifies us in best possible way be it — #MySpot, #MySandwich or My Hangout.

So can you really say that you have found your #CentralPerk yet? Coz, if the answer is a ‘No’, then you just might put that search to rest with the most perfect perching spot in the town – #Adda. Situated in the mini IT township of Pimple Saudagar, this hangout has all that you can ask for. The central theme is that each person has his/ her individuality and seeks things that he can relate to / connect to. His individuality is not any less important than the clan he belongs to. This is aptly represented by the logo of Adda which uses 7 pieces that form the ‘Tangram’. Tangram which literally means ‘seven boards of skill’ uses 7 pieces which come together to form shapes of all sorts and allows one to express his creativity in the most unique way. Chaintanya Adgaonkar realized this in its true sense and hence has tried to create a place which offers an individual connect with each and every bird that seeks a pearch. Observe how the chairs here are all different from one another; just a way to start making the place your Adda.

The entrance to this place is a narrow passage mirrored on all sides (and I am just waiting to experience this tipsy lane when I am high from devouring all the awesome cocktails served inside.) The place is a huge hall which will serve an ideal place holding Zumba classes. The walls and sides are decorated with various antiques which take you back to the 70-80’s decade. There is a huge screen to showcase all the sporting events (Perfect place for IPL/ football matches) and lotsa games such as Ludo, Snakes and ladders, UNO, Chess, Foosball and more. The other side of the hall has quirky hash tags all over highlighting menu to drinks to even showing your way to the most important place #Shouchalay. Another super impressive usage of lines was witnessed on the bar counter with boards reading lines like ‘It’s not a hangover it’s wine flu’ and ‘Trust me you can dance – Vodka’.

While the team Adda had a really impressive line up in food to make us yield to the temptation; they had all wicked plans to make the B Team surrender their senses to the magical potions coming up. To accompany the drinks we were gonna have they served us their version of chakna – Cheesling Bhel, Disco Papad and Papad Churri.

Chakna with a twist. Ofcourse you can always order masala peanuts if you are not the experimentation types. I won’t describe too much and will let my pics do the talking.

We will start with mocktails from here on. We tried just about 3 mocktails before we relished our cocktails. Any Raj Comics fans out here? Jaise Nagraj ke aane se pehle uske naag pahuch jate hai waise hi, Adda aane se pehle hi usske cocktails ki tariff aap tak pahuch jati hai…..Ok so very quickly, the mocktails had Khus Khus (Mint, Lime, Khus, in a sprite base), Mango Colada (Mango coconut and cream) and the very special Fish bowl (Blue Curacao and Khus with orange zest cut into shape of fish). The kiddo of the group really loved it and was more than happy that it stood a chance against all the strong cocktail line up. So those of you not into alcohol you don’t have to worry either.

The cocktails or the Bar ‘Tinder’ special…..Ahh word play is what you will see a lot at Adda so get upto speed……(Keep an eye for the word play throughout the pics displayed here) ….saw the likes of Ko-Rum, Lota, Tamba, Madh Island Ice Tea and  drink of the champions.


Ko-Rum – A syringe full of Kokum injected into white rum – #SheerBrilliance


Lota – Standard Vodka and orange juice combo with a punch of ginger #Decent

Tamba – Whiskey, passion fruit, Mint and Lime a tad sweet but too good a potion #HighlyRecommended


Madh Island Ice Tea – Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Cola and Masala – Desi LIIT and perfect for those who don’t mind getting tipsy


Drink of the champions – Jaggermeister, Whisky, Red bull and Coffee – Take a bow. This one is indeed a #MustHave #OhhYeahh

Apart from this we were introduced to a very special not on the menu – summer special chiller range of drinks which had some potent concoctions like: Punch-A-karma, the Goa, Boozy Cold Coffee and Melon Sangria. Named as ‘Summer Hacks’ these were new experimental drinks coming in from the bar-Tinder…..


Punch a karma – White n Dark rum, spices (likes cloves, cinnamon, star anees), hazelnut syrup and fresh fruits mixed together and kept overnight gives this wild drink just the right Punch…#WorthaTry

Melon Sangria and The Goa

Melon Sangria – White wine and musk/ water melon juice #DecentAttempt

The Goa – Tender coconut, pineapple, grenadine and white rum – A bit over the top and white rum didn’t go to well with the rest. I would give it a pass.


Boozy Cold coffee – Cold coffee with a twist of Kahlua – Very effective combination especially when the coffee is made thick and more milk based #Recommended


Kacchi Kairi – This is a Maharashtrian drink reincarnated. The aam panha stirred with vodka. The trick was the way the drink was prepared rather than the recipe coz there was a sharp tangy-chilli taste lingering on your palette and gullet post sipping the drink. #OhhYeaahh


IMG_3592Nachos with sour cream and salsa – A hit and a miss at the same time. While the nachos and sour cream were too good salsa was watery and could be improved a lot. But really goes goo with you drinks, so yes #Recommended

IMG_3630Falafel bombs with hummus and pita bread – Can be improved a lot. Hummus was very average and the olive oil used was just a floating layer rather than imparting a taste. The falafel bombs too were dry, pita bread was a standard affair.

IMG_20160412_204425046Chicken 65 – A job nicely done. By and large a very decent preparation. I have tried 65 at few places in Pune but all were a sad state of affairs but this. It gets a decent 8/ 10 and can be perfected but better than any other place in Pune. The garlic used was as should be. Chicken 65 is all about garlic and vinegar tadka.

IMG_20160412_210154282Jalapenos poppers – A dish loved by all, for the welcoming change we saw was the use of whole jalapenos instead of mere slices. The cheese used could be improved, as the cheese wouldn’t ooze out. Using more liquid cheese would make it just perfect. Something like the liquid cheese in cheese burst pizza’s you get at dominoes

IMG_3617Veg and Chicken Tacos – Good wholesome filling in absolute crispy tacos #WorthaTry

IMG_20160412_211334210Matka Chicken – One thing u shouldn’t miss at Adda. Super juicy chicken morsels drenched in a batter of khada masala, mint, cheese, cream and a bit of chilli. The mint was used in the best fashion possible. The chicken kebab is skewered first and then marinated for a second time in the batter and then the matka is kept in a low heat area of the furnace on dum to make it slowly melt away into its own marination.  #ToDieFor #AbsoluteMustHave #Aromalikenoneother

 Rice Bowls:


Burmese Bowl – Coconut and based gravy served with burnt garlic rice. Now the burnt garlic rice can be improved by using garlic as a part of rice and not merely sprinkling them atop but apart from that the dish as a whole was too good to let go even a spoonful. #SimplySuperb

 IMG_3644Chiken Tikka Bowl – Yet again a bowl served with burnt garlic rice but with a spicy red tikka gravy this time. This was sure to please every palate within no time. #LovedIt


Tandoori chicken and tandoori paneer burgers served, with potato wedges on the sides are sure to win your hearts. The contrasting taste imparted by the mint mayo used was just the thing you need to complement flavors that the patty has to offer

Chicken Burger  (1)_FotorTandoori Chicken and Tandoori Paneer burger


All the deserts are outsourced from a vendor and boy did we have an elaborate feedback for them. While there were few which went very well the desserts section was not at par with the rest of the experience.

 38Apple Cinnamon pie – Loved this totally. The pie was crumbling just right and the apple flavor was as expected. The whiskey and cinnamon used were giving just the right dash needed.

Gulab Jamun with Old monk – Need to get this right with concentration as a little strong dose spoils the dish, but still concept wise it works.

IMG_20160412_232151180Chocolate brownie with ice cream and Baileys – The syrup was good but the brownie was too darn hard to be even scooped with a spoon.


Red velvet jar – The red velvet part was good but the jar as a whole might have been stored at sub zero way too long for the dessert had turned all dry and solid. This can still work out very well but the jar we tried was too rock solid and as such a let down.

IMG_3659Chocolate and Peanut bar with Whisky Caramel – This was another good recipe and a strong contender but the texture made it loose out yet again. Fresh gooey texture should fetch this one generous marks.


Blueberry and yogurt panna cotta – Again superb concept but not executed quiet right. The blueberry sauce used was pretty sad and yogurt had turned sour. I would keep my distance from this one.

Simply loved the place, the concept, the bar’Tinder’ specials and the food equally alike. Satisfaction and contentment was overflowing from our faces but as if that was not enough the team #Adda went an extra mile to ensure we were totally awe-strucked and astound when they got us these……Personalized menus and hand written thank you notes!

I can’t remember being stuffed, the way I was after all the hogging was done and I literally thanked my guardian angels for having blessed with such a cool place so close to my home. Chaitanya and his team has really gone all out with creativity and taken enough pains to perfect this perching spot for every bird. Special thanks to Nikita for having this arranged for us.

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  1. I am hungry. Who will feed me at 11:55pm ??
    Kay mast lihala aahe Vaibhav.
    I am glad that you r following ur passion …and making FRIENDS a part of it is the cherry on the cake for me.

    All the best. You have added another follower to ur list of readers

    Love to ur lil one. He is very cute

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