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‘Ignite’ those Grills for the meat is here – Asian Grill festival

IMG_4291Come May and the food festival scene in the scene has soared even more than the mercury itself. From Maharashtra day celebration to beer fests to mango fest to wine tasting events and what not; the city is full of billboards and the online world full of posts and promos of on-going food festivals and spreads that have gripped the city. Recently I happen to visit Ignite Bar & Grill at Courtyard by Marriott for their 10 day long ‘Asian Grill’ festival. Asian food fests are picking up lot these days but the twist with this one was that it was all about grilled food. I was very anxious to dig my fork and teeth alike into those soft meat which saw the likes of Duck breast, tiger prawns, King fish, pork ribs, tenderloin, chicken sausages, prawns satay and a lot more. All of these in a choice of marination from amongst Teriyaki, Sambal Oelek, Hoisin Glaze, Lemon grass and Kafir lime.

The 10 day Asian Grill festival starts from 16th and is open till 26th May for dinner at a reasonable price of 1299+ taxes. The choice of marination along with tons of meat offerings on the grill is sure to fulfill all your meat cravings. This is by all means a meat extravaganza that no meat lover can afford to miss. So also, since it’s grilled and made in front of you on live counters you can always customize it to suit your palate tips. With guidance from chef Bhushan and Executive chef Vikram Gakkan, this food festival is certainly a feather in the cap for team Marriott.

We started the evening on a perfect note with a Ma Collins – a mocktail – a palate cleanser that came straight from Sanket Tiwari’s counter to prepare the palate for all the savoring that needed to be done once you tete-a-tete with the meat.


‘Ma Collins’ – Ginger, lemon juice, ginger Ale and a star anise – Perfect way to cleanse that palate.


Prawns satay in Kaffir lime marination – Simply delectable! Soft white prawns with tender gelatinous meat and tails removed. The cleansing and serving of prawns gets a +1 from me.


BBQ Chicken sausages — Meat overload. Chicken sausage skewers in sambal marination, really good to feed that tummy.


Sambal Oelek Tofu — Compensation for the veggies as against the sausages. Tofu was amazingly soft and veggies were totally soaked from all the marination. Superb way to relish those veggies.

Sticky Chicken wings (Dragon Wings) – Aptly sweet and tangy, these were straight from devil’s kitchen. Charged with gluttony right away.

Teriyaki Pineapple – one dish amongst all that made its presence on the table to be wiped off in the least of the time. Truly veggie delight, don’t think there was anything that came close to this.

Hot Garlic Squids – Not very much into squids but still tried one. The garlic sauce was giving it a mild fragrance and a subtle taste which complimented it correctly.

Vegetable Tempura – A little Japanese this time, which included all the assorted veggies like broccoli, gherkins, bell peppers and yes some sweet corn as well. Decent dish appreciated by everyone.

For the mains the Chef had all the grilled meat lined up with common sides in the form of Jasmine flavored rice in tender coconut, pickled veggies and a peanut-ginger based Indonesian sauce which is typically used as a part of Gado gado. (Salad of blanched vegetables with peanut sauce). These formed some really amazing companions with all the meat being served. The pickled veggies offered a sharp contrast to the ginger and jaggery based mildly sweet peanut sauce and the jasmine flavored rice added the extra oomph to the dish with its aroma and mild flavors.


IMG_4254Chicken Thigh — Yet another recipe in Kaffir lime marination. The mild tanginess imparted to the wholesome meet was relished with great fervor  #Recommended


Soy Chunks – Protein substitute for meat for the veggies. Hoisin Glazed marination gave it a very rich taste. The consistency is worth mentioning.


Half a chicken –– Super succulent chicken garnished with seasame. Melt in the mouth types. #HighlyRecommended


Duck Breast – Loved these totally. #HighlyRecommended


Pork Ribs – The meat was cooked perfectly to fall off the bones and the glazing enough to make it a sticky greasy affair. Honestly i have had better pork ribs but still these were very compelling, certainly something which you cannot afford to miss when here. And yes they are imported from Belgium and the best in class so you can certainly be rest assured about the meat quality. #HighlyRecommended


Tiger Prawns – These crustaceans were justifying there name like totally – thick meat, scaly stripped backs and gigantic size. The sauce and and garnishing completed the dish in the most apt way. #Lovedit


Beef Tenderloin – Not very much into beef so won’t be judgmental but i found the meat pretty hard and under cooked. Leave to your judgement, but do give it a shot.

So overall except for 1 or 2 dishes which were first timers for me or something which i have had in a more palate preferred style the dishes were amazing and i am so glad that i didn’t miss out on such an extravagant event. A very heartfelt thanks to Chef Vikram, Chef Bhushan, Sanket Tiwari, Team Ignite/ Marriott and Arundhanti for sharing this opportunity to savor all the amazing recipes. So make the most of the festival before its gone for good.

Ignite - Courtyard By Marriott Pune Hinjawadi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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