Book Launch

Book Launch – ‘What on the Menu’

Friday the 15th started on a very unique and high note when I was invited to attend the book launch of Master Chef season 2 runner up Chef Shazia Khan’s 1st book launch – What’s on Menu’. The event was graced by presence of other dignitaries such as Food Stylist / Food photographer Michael Swamy and the ultra-famous food connoisseur Karen Anand. Michael and Karen both friends with Shazia were present to unveil the book, encourage and express their heart felt for Shazia. Shazia’s book launch in Pune was third in line after having launched in Bangalore (her hometown) and Mumbai. The book has been published by ‘Om Books International’ – one of the largest English trade publishers in the sub- continent. The event was organized by ‘Hazel Outlook’ and hosted at Hotel Shantai, Camp.

The Book Launch

The book opens with a foreword by Sanjeev Kapoor who has worked closely with Shazia since the days of MasterChef and seen her evolve from an ordinary housewife to a well-known face in the culinary world. The Master Chef goes on to narrate how they have a common thinking when it comes to cooking and believe that the most important ingredient in any recipe is ‘Love’. Shazia with her never say die attitude has evolved into a different person all together and has exemplified what it means to stand up to challenges.

Shazia in her book has captured over 90 plus recipes which spans across sections such as Soups, Salads, Vegetarian, Chicken, Mutton, Sea food and of course Desserts. She has given tips on making some customized masalas and certain add-ons like the red chilli paste, coconut milk, Chilli Oil etc.  which can give that oomph factor to the recipe as a whole. Throughout her book, she even goes to give substitutes in case a particular ingredient is not available. All this when the sole vision while drafting and compiling this book was to include recipes which are easy to make and use ingredients which are easy to procure and are readily available in kitchen or neighbouring kirana stores. A word of caution here, do keep a lot of garlic ready……yup, Shazia has garlic as her favourite ingredient, so expect that a lot in all the recipes. 😉 The book has enough to cater to all your moods and needs and the accompanying pictures by #SainaJaypal are sure to make you drool at the sight.

Recommendations: Some of the must haves that are captured in the book are Egg Halwa, Dal Ghost in Brown Rice, Tender Coconut Jelly with coconut cream, Shahi Zafran Gosht Pulao, Lemon Grass Rasam etc.

Shazia at the launch tossed up a Fig and Asparagus salad for us to show how easy and quick it can be to create some fine salads in no time. We even had a chance to dig our spoons into one of her traditional family recipe – Egg Halwa which also happens to be her favourite as a child. After having tasted that I can imagine why. I just didn’t feel like letting go my spoon and was trying to grab bits and pieces of this super yummy dish every now and then. Hardly, has there been an occasion wherein I have had the dessert to start with, in between lunch, post lunch and even craving to pack some of it for the way back.  😛

Having said that, it’s a no brainer to realize that the book is indeed a gem to the collection of all cook books that adore your shelf and there is no reason to have a second thought before you order your copy from

Shazia interacting with media and #TheBTeam

About Om Book International: OBI headquartered out of Noida is one of the largest English language trade publishers and has a legacy of over 50 years. OBI publisher to best sellers like ‘Two mothers and Other stories’, ‘Three Sisters’ ‘The Kept Mother’ ‘The Company RED’ etc. is known for being a leading force in Indian Publishing and retail industry. OMI also publishes monographs of art, architecture and photo essays. OBI is also famous of other sought after genres such as non fictional, mind, body, fashion & lifestyle, cooking etc.IMG_3716


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