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#DoubleRoti – Double the size, double the prize

‘Main  nikala o gaddi le ke….rasate mein oo sadak pe ek mod aaya …..main utthe dil chooaad aaya…..’ …Well that was what was on my lips for like 2 days after having been to ‘Double Roti’ in Viman nagar. As the name blares it out loud, the name’s got a typical Punjabi flavor to it and why not, since 2 of the 4 owners are Punjabis – Japtej and Nikesh. The other two partners are from Pune hospitality scene. Double roti a kind of chain by now with their outlets in Gurgaon (or is it #Gurugram…err ..another time may be) and Chennai chose Pune for their next outlet and what better a place than the very famous Datta mandir chowk which is the single most talked about spot in the entire Viman Nagar premise. Situated right at the crossroads in Skymax building the place has both hits and misses on account of location. The place is so aptly placed that it is almost impossible to miss it but then the corner location coupled with open surroundings kinda makes the place very dusty. The ambiance happens to be a lite dhaba kind of theme with a firangi touch. Well even the menu is not far behind. Basically everything here is a fusion concept so you have breads but not without first being Indianized – The name feels kinda apt now doesn’t it? The look as a whole is thematized with generous use of posters and images and the cutlery they use to serve also is decked up on some shelves behind the open bar. The bar sports Bira on tap – both blonde and white, needless to say. The tables are adorned by some playful elements such as a mini truck which holds tissues and forks. There are some funny coasters that are work of imagination and one thing that was aptly suited to the bhukkads that were using it. For instance we had a ‘Mote Gaende’ (Maanas was quick to win that for himself ;P ) or an “Ulllu ke patthe’ with two Owls – a dad n a kiddo with an arrow pointing to the kid. So it has its own sense of humor too.

The menu has everything from desi coolers like jaljira, nimbu pani, to thick shakes to pancakes to waffles to salads to burgers to pizzas, finger food and oh yes…sandwiches…The menu and so also the names are totally crazy. They have the boss, the scarface, the god father in pizzas or the Gr8 Gatsby, Silence of the lambs, Pocket mein rocket for burgers or Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Bean Stock for desserts and a lot more. The recipes are equally interesting just like the names and a look at the menu will make you rest assured that with so much of choice your every possible meat and bread craving can be put to rest for good.

We started of the evening with some coolers and thick shakes like Sunshine, Masala Lemonade, Oreo Shake, Nutty Affair and Strawberry Banana shake. We made it a point to try as many as possible to get an idea of the different potions Double roti had to offer.

Sunshine, Strawberry & Banana shake and Oreo Shake

The nutty affair was a variant of snickers quiet literally and as such I loved it. The nuts were very prominent. I had to order banana strawberry shake which had banana totally dominating the taste and as such it wasn’t as appealing as should have been. Masala lemonade was a bit on the sad side as it didn’t have strong flavors. The concentration was kept very mild and even the masala was not appealing. I would give it a pass. Sunshine was decent but Oreo shake was the one that stole the show. Served in a big tumbler (a small gamla literally) this giant was one that would last you till the end. I had no such intention and as such made the most of the 1 strong and long sip that I could get of the lovely drink as others were fighting equally hard for it. Oreo shake was thick, creamy, had crumbling cookie broth that surfaced up and adequately sweet taste to make it a hot favorite with all in no time. #HighlyRecommended . The cold coffee was just ok and couldn’t make a mark either. So the start was a little slow but since we were giving continuous feedback, Japtej left no stone unturned to improvise them one after the other and also ensure that the starters, mains right up to desserts were exceptional.

Now I am gonna section the rest as starters, Pizzas, sandwiches and burgers and desserts of course.


Pickled Chips came in first which was made using fried gherkins. I have had gherkins earlier but this type of use was slightly new and it was rightly used as the dish was supposed to be pickled. The taste was quiet unique and I liked the dish as a whole but would expect it to be less oily. Decent dish and worth trying but got scope of improvement before it can appeal to larger audience.

Pickled Chips

Boston BBQ wings, so sorry to say were a disappointment for two reasons; firstly the sauce was not like any BBQ sauce I have had till date (it felt like tamarind chutney) and secondly, chicken felt very dry and the sauce glazing was left only for the drenching the wings. The marination or part where the wings absorb some flavor was missing. Chicken wings are most sought after sides and there is so fierce competition that unfortunately these chicken wings will have to do a lot before they stand a fight.

Boston BBQ Chicken Wings

Peri Peri spice grilled chicken was good but yet again a little more dry and could have scored more if the dip complimented aptly. But still a decent preparation.

Peri Peri spice grilled chicken

Don’t worry the match was just getting started and the real hard hitters were coming in no time.

Next to come were Corn fusion and Salsa fries with sour cream. The Corn Fusions were quesadilla and were infused with corn, beans, olives, jalapeños and mushroom. The texture was mildly crispy and they were easy to much on. The dish was promising with its no mess presentation and burstful varied flavors. #MustHaves

Corn fusion

Salsa fries along with sour cream was yet something I liked. Can’t say about others but I liked the way salsa was made and apt use of sour cream. The cream was poured just when it was brought onto table so they weren’t turning soggy by the time we ate them. Simple yet appealing, I loved the dish and would love to munch on crispy fries along with some drinks.

Salsa fries along with sour cream

.#Pizzas and Calzone:

We were served over 5 pizzas which included 2 veg and 3 non veg variants namely: Hoodlum Pizza, Scarface, Good Fellas, La Sicilian and Godfather.

.The Hoodlum (finally something for veggie souls) was featuring zucchini and black olives in the lead role and got a nomination in the cine awards but the debut villain in the Scarface turned out to be a grilled aubergine. We had a guest role played by some mint and basil leaves too but they weren’t enough to shortlist the Scarface in to the top nominees.



La Sicilian and Goodfellas seemed to be inspired from ‘Twoface’ of Batman series. They had similar toppings but different sauce and while one was paneer based the other had chicken in it. So two dishes with same underlying ingredients; well almost same; kinda made me call it two face.


La Sicilian 


#Tip: Guys why not make a pizza in two flavors? Half of which would be with different toppings and sauce/ cheese or a combo of veg and non veg rolled into one? Think about it!

The Godfather obviously had to come in last to straighten up things. The shotguns and double barreled mortared bacon, beef chilli and pepperoni slices and then the smocking barrels gave out smoke of molten mozzarella. This beast surely made everyone kneel. #MeatyDelight

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Calzone: The bacon beef blue cheese calzone was a classic combo of bacon and beef smothered with blue cheese traces. The whiff got into the air very quickly and was calling out all the meat lovers. The dish although appreciated by me got a mixed reaction from others on the table.


Burgers and sandwiches: We were almost full from all the hogging so far but since we knew and had a fair idea what to expect from the burgers and wiches, we were kinda keeping a pre-booked space reserved, just for this one.

Popeye; yup you are thinking right, the one with the spinach was by all means a veggie delight but also appreciated equally well by non veg community. The Garden of five senses was a pita pocket which had a filling of Greek yogurt and pesto sauce. Wholesome filling but not very promising to me at least.

Popeye and Garden of Five Senses

Now the lineup got really interesting with some of their best and most promising items like Southern Spice, Silence of the lambs, Cream and Cheese (remember Mac and Cheese…Yeah #FRIENDS of course is what I am hinting at……;) ) and the Mexican wave. You really get spoilt for choice and taste buds start to thank you enough to have got them here to relish all these delights.

Southern Spice was an herbed delight while the Mexican wave gave out the wave for your taste buds with its salsa and sour cream combination. Very true to its name I must say.IMG_3365IMG_3371

Southern Spice and Mexican Wave

Silence of the lambs and Cream and cheese were of the same family with meat difference but then cream and cheese won the most hearts. Simple, old and traditional and yet this one never lets you down.

Silence of the Lambs

Cream and Cheese

#Desserts: After literally stuffing us to the brim we were not kinda ready for a round of deserts…..yeah that can happen sometimes even with giants like me, but then we finally settled for a blueberry and chocolate sauce waffle to finish on a sweet note. The waffle drizzled with the sauces was just the note we needed to synchronize this harmony. #Goooood

Blueberry and chocolate sauce waffle

So as the verdict goes, they have tons of things on the menu, quite literally. And while you can indulge and relish all the different delicacies, I would be looking more for pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. By the time we were to leave we felt like Mikka from #SingisKing jisko Wadda wadda dikhega te wadda wadda sunega….we were seeing double out of everything…even our talks started getting double meaning ….what better way to soak in the flavors of #DoubleRoti  ???

  • Ambiance: 3.5/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Value for Money: NA

(Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own and from the single or multiple experiences that I have had with the food joint. While you are free to disagree with the opinion below; please respect the originality and fairness of the content. The opinion/ review is purely based on my experience and there is no biased, favored or commercial angle to it. Also, the ratings and description are for the experience I had during my visit, the experience may be different owing to one’s personal palette preferences and several other operational factors)

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