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Spring up to some healthy food @Spring Onion

These days the foodie community is lot more particular about what goes in the making of their beloved recipes and are increasingly health conscious. The tradeoff of taste to the unhealthy ingredients is fast loosing markets and there are collections of food places which are known for healthy food which doesn’t use glutamate, soda, food color and the likes to jazz up their dishes. One such kid on the block is Spring Onion. This place has been making buzz for their food which is pretty healthy and lite and does not use artificial agents to spice it up. So the B Team was here to put their tag line to test (We are an MSG free restaurant) and below is a short narration of our experience with team ‘Spring Onion’

The Ambiance

The host for the evening Shounak Netragaonkar(Co-owner) had an oriental culinary journey planned for ‘The B Team’ via an #ExclusiveInvite and made sure that they can offer us a glimpse of what the Spring Onion team is able to pull off. Situated at the far end of Bhandarkar Road and the place is a small comfortable dine which houses about 7-8 tables. The place was running packed house by around 8.30 which hints at its popularity in the vicinity. The place is pretty cozy and simple in its attire. The walls are brick designed and adorn mounted canvas for some of their popular recipes.Good way to tease that appetite huh?

Food: Soups are pretty much in demand at the place and to showcase their arsenal they got us three of the liquid weapons – Lemon Coriander, Tom Yum and the Tom Kha soup. While the lemon coriander and Tom Yum were meat loaders i found them a bit too tangy for my taste buds. Composition wise they were very generous and used the veggies in a very apt way. Tom Kha was a clear winner not just in soups but overall in all recipes served and gets to be a part of our listicle on must haves at ‘Spring Onion’. The coconut milk was so perfectly used that the texture and taste were taken to a new high. So also, broccoli, mushroom and meat did well at their entrusted job. Winner by all means.


Paneer Burnt Coriander Dry a specialty at the place came first in the appetizers. Now we are quiet suited to burnt garlic but this one was made using burnt coriander in Manchurian type brown gravy along with generous use of coriander and shallots for garnishing. The paneer was very soft and juicy and kinda soaked in well all the burnt gravy poured around. A good start.

Paneer Burnt Coriander

Malaysian Pops: A different name but unfortunately not so different a taste as it should be. This is their own customized chicken wings coated in Malaysian sauce. Despite different seasoning the flavors are not entirely unique and it still would have to compete in overcrowded Chicken wings space and honestly as much as i liked the dish it has some brutal competition from others in the market. You know how it is with chicken wings and the subjectivity part of a dish makes it an arena like none other.

Malaysian Pops

Mustard Chili Prawns: Not a huge fan of mustard but this kinda hit the right spot. A job well done, however just a suggestion to the team here would be to try and contrast the flavors a bit as mustard being a very dominating ingredient will obviously make the taste very monotonous.

Mustard Chili Prawns

Roast Chili Chicken: Nothing great to mention about this dark soy based roasted chicken. The roasting makes it pretty dry and as such there is a lot of scope for improvement.

Roast Chili Chicken


 For the mains we had a decent line up which included the likes of Malaysian flat noodles, Veg burnt garlic noodles, Ming Rice, Oyster sauce, Teppanyaki Noodles.

Veg Burnt garlic noodles: I will be honest i love garlic and i like it when its burn equally well; however the chefs are not able to justify the recipes with burnt garlic. I had loved it at Salt in Baner when they served burnt garlic rice and then here when it came in the way of veg burnt garlic noodles. The garlic used was generous, golden brown, diced perfectly so that it does not have to be chewed on. It wasn’t quiet literally burnt but nicely done. Noodles were it a bit bland and could have used more flavor from vinegar may be if not anything else. The sprouts used made them healthy but a little more bland. Yet a rather simple, non oily, lite weight dish for the mains with mild flavors of crispy golden garlic.

Malaysian flat noodles: Loved it. Plain and simple. The texture, the flavors were very well balanced and the brown sauce made it a great dish to be paired with any of the other recipes.

Veg Burnt garlic Noodles and Malaysian flat noodles

Teppanyaki Noodles: The taste was awesome but custom made to suit Indian Palette. Unfortunately, the dish wasn’t any Japanese whatsoever; but if you can ignore that part and simply keep up with the taste that you get to relish than this would score pretty neat. In fact after Tom Kha soup i would rate this as 2nd most liked dish.

Ming Rice and Oyster sauce came in pair as Mind rice in itself was too simple a recipe. Orange colored rice with spring onion. Yes, the hero takes the center stage with this recipe finally. The combo would have been a hit if the oyster sauce could have been more … oyster sauce. Sorry to say the sauce was very different than the way it is meant to be. The sweetness was a bit less and prominent flavors were not coming out. Also the oyster sauce is allowed to be little gelatinous / sticky broth which this was not. The texture and consistency didn’t come out well.

Teppanyaki Noodles and Ming Rice and Oyster sauce


Crispy Noodles with ice cream: We were treated with some honey glazed crispy noodles with ice cream. It was also garnished by some sesame seeds which made it even better. I have had this dish several times but never found the honey glazing optimum till i had this. Loved the desert.

Crispy Noodles with ice cream


So to summarize the experience:

  • Soups are good and Tom Kha is a must try if you are not averse to coconut.
  • Starters score more than most places which serve similar cosine and also are better than mains.
  • Mains particularly Malaysian flat noodles are must try. Teppanyaki noodles are also superb just much more Indianized than Japanese.
  • Desserts were super yum and perfect way to end on a sweet note.
    • Food: 4/5
    • Service: 4/5
    • Ambiance: 3/5
    • Value for Money: (Invite for a food tasting)

So did it pass the taste? Yes, it did. All what we had were indeed lite recipes and didn’t use any MSG or the likes.

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