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Good just got better – it’s not good, its Effin-Gud

Effingut Brewerkz had been a hangout place for beer enthusiast’s right from the very day of its inception and the man, the legend, behind this crazy hangout – Mr. Manu Gulati believes so much in revolution that he is always on the lookout for experimentation. ‘Long Live Craft beers’ that’s the catch phrase – a password you hear to enter this alley where craziness flows much more than the beer out of the fermenters. ‘Beers with attitude is the sole theme’ of the place and this was taken to a new high on 15th Feb when they had the launch of their newest beer on the tap – ‘Effin-Gud’.

Interiors of Effingut Brewerkz

Now the story behind this new crafts beer is that the elite Legatus legionis or the legion commanders (beer enthusiasts of Pune – HOPS: Home beer enthusiasts of Pune Shehar (Catchy name isn’t it?)) had been planning on joining hands to take the gladiator fights (experimentation) to a new level. They know their swords (brewing) unlike any other for they are not bound by the rules of the mortal world (fermentation techniques, limitations of the ingredients that go in or any such thumb rules of crafting beers). They have always let their imagination loose and when Emperor (Manu) came to know about this who himself lets his imagination amok it couldn’t have been a better union to ask for. (They immediately started on this concept and suggestions started pouring in like never before, from using barrel aged/ Oak chips to dark version of Märzen to using lemon grass wheat and what not.) Sapan, Sameer, Heramb, Ameya, Saurabh and Manu Misra – the Legatus legionis worked tirelessly on honing (experimenting and taking batches after batches of 10 liters from the tank) skills until they had their Gladiator ready for the epic fight.

Beer Enthusiats with Manu and Mukteshwar

The top 6 Gladiators to battle it out before the Emperor (Manu) himself were: Dark Oak Aged Ale with malty (biscuity) and jaggery flavors, Lemongrass Belgian Wit with sweet lime/kaffir lime, Cream Blonde, Ratnagiri Mango Amber, Baker Brown Ale with coffee, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and a brown ale base, Mocha Brown Ale with vanilla, and American Wheat with any available seasonal fruit.

The emperor sought vote from his councilor (Mr. Mukhteswar – the head brewer at Effingut) on narrowing down on just one legendary fighter from amongst the 6 but had a hard time to fixate on just one. As such, all of the Emperors council men got a chance to vote for just 1 elite fighter – the legend amongst the gladiators and finally a winner was chosen.

The common thing that they agreed on to was that let the beer be as Indianized as possible. They literally wanted to create a typical ‘Desi’ variant which wouldn’t have been thought of elsewhere and as such the winner that made it to the final keg was very aptly called the – Effin Gud. The beer used barley and Gud/ Jaggery. The team had really high hop(e)s from this dark ale and they couldn’t have been better rewarded than the expression that came up on each of the faces present there when they finally got a sip of this perfectly crafted winner.

The Keg with the winner and the tapping amongst the beer enthusiasts

The event was graced by the who’s who of the food and hospitality industry and also people from media alike. Bunch of beer enthusiasts and bloggers like #TheBTeam were also amongst the selected few. Manu as all of know is known for being the perfect host and that day was no different either. The beer and some of the most amazing kebabs and finger food kept flowing and the guests savored and savored but couldn’t have enough of it.


Beer, Food and a tour of the micro brewery

We requested the emperor to show us his empire and he was more than generous to take us on a tour of his kingdom.

#TheBTeam with Beer Enthusiasts and Manu Gulati

Thanks to Manu and gorgeous ladies at Carpe Diem for hosting such a lovely night. The event was indeed nothing less than Legen —-wait for it….dary !!! The place promises you ‘Legendary Craft beers’ and the emperor ensures the experience to be nothing less than Legendary.

So next time you hear crafts beer you know where to quench your thirst……..Cheers !!!
Cheers to crafts beer, to everlasting experimentation and the ‘Never say No’ spirit of the place….

Disclaimer: 5 of the pics have been used from fellow blogger Maanas Shah’s collection. The media content is property of their respective owners.

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