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Burning up @500 * Fahrenheit

24 Feb: The world is experiencing a tsunami of disruptive ideas which is rapidly changing the conventional scenarios in each and every business line. Things, ideas, service lines tend to get merge into one another to create better customer experiences. Old ways get annihilated to be taken over by mind boggling innovative concepts. I just happen to experience one such disruptive idea first hand yesterday, when I along with my blogger buddies form #TheBTeam went in to meet the brains behind the #FahrenheitCP (Custom pizza) which was recently opened in Balewadi. This place is unique in more than one ways. For start the building happens to be in a triangular shape resembling a slice of pizza. I mean seriously what better way than to let the action speak for itself. A different feeling altogether to eat pizza in a pizza shape building, right? Next, they have challenged the conventional belief of pizza as unhealthy food wherein they have went extra miles to convert the pizza into a complete meal. And not just complete in terms of carbs, protein, good fats et all but also but also in terms of proportion. Each of the customized pizza they bake has approx. 55-60% carbs, 20% protein and just about 10-15% good fats. They choose Parmesan cheese over mozzarella to grab those 10% extra protein points (42% against 32% in Mozzarella) wherever possible. And they plan to take this to a whole new level by introducing different variants of cheese in the near future.

The Ambiance of Fahrenheit

The brains behind the custom pizza concept are Aditi Joshi, Asim Inamdar and Atul Ranade and with the help from consultant cum chef – Prasanna their idea materialized and turned into a reality. They have carefully handpicked ingredients and in the requisite proportions as recommended by the dietician to make the pizza into a full-fledged healthy meal option. Their USP you ask? Well for a surprising change they have 3 (actually 4 in all) types of base crust. And No I do not mean cheesy, cheese burst, thin crust, stuffed crust and such crappy options. What they have done instead is; created pizza base using ‘Sweet Potato’, ‘Cauliflower’ and ‘Multigrain’.  Now that’s what I would call stepping stone to guilt free hogging. You simply have a hard time to mind you appetite, coz once you get caught up in the Chef Prasanna’s magical matrix there is no saying ‘No’.

We were initially served with some Kokum and fresh lime water which were absolute homely concoctions.  Loved the simplicity it came with and ofcourse the glass jam bottles with handles which were used to serve them. Next came the ‘Almond & Broccoli’ soup. A fan of broccoli I was particularly moved to see such well-balanced flavors and such well used of the ingredients.

Kokam, Lime water, Almond and Brocolli soup

In quick succession came the ‘Caribbean Chicken Salad’ and ‘Veg stuffed cheese garlic bread’. The Caribbean chicken salad was very wholesome with the generous use of fresh green leaf lettuce, jicama, boneless chicken breast and glazed by a tinge of honey. The salad was very well balanced and I am sure people who love their greens are not gonna miss on this. The veg garlic bread with olives, sweet corn, fresh carrots, bell peppers and some gooey Mozzarella was yet another decent dish. The balsamic reduction gave it an amazing contrasting taste.

Caribbean Chicken Salad and Veg Stuffed cheese garlic bread

In Pizza we had ‘Blue Balance’, ’Go Green’ and ’Picture Perfect’ of the nine, 9 Inch pizza that they have in their ‘Signature Pizza’ collection.  Amongst the three crusts I would personally recommend sweet potato to be the best of the lot followed by Multigrain and Cauliflower. If you are not happy enough gorging their signature recipes or the customization that you can do to them you can create your very own pizza from all the 18 odd ingredients on the shelf and pair it with your very own choice of sauce from the 5 variants available. You can even mix 2 different sauce to try some additional variation. All this goes in to the lovely brick oven which is wood fired. The pizza stone below gets your pizza ready in just about 5 mins. So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination flow and bring out the foodie in you to relish these.

The Pizzas and the Wood fired oven

They are open all 7 days from morning 8, yes 8 coz they want to carve out a space in the breakfast space. The place is budding as an IT hub and lot of people are seen skipping breakfast in the hasty early morning hours to office. Well they have a healthy choice now to kick start the day to a great start.

Ok now it’s time for the treat I offer to my readers. They are soon gonna come up with beer and wines. The bar will be sported on the roof top section which is almost ready for public use and will be thrown open in few days.

Well if my comments above have not tempted you yet let me list out some unique points that should drive you there right away:

  1. New Unique concept of Healthy CUSTOMIZED pizza. Over 18 toppings to choose from
  2. Pizza has a complete balanced food with proper guidelines and measures approved from expert dietician
  3. All new crusts, now in – sweet potato, cauliflower and multigrain variants. Kids and adults alike can now gorge guilt free.
  4. Wood fire grill bakes our pizza for that smoky flavor unlike electric ovens at commercial outlets
  5. Wide range of starters, sides, drinks and even a breakfast menu.


Ambiance: 3.5/ 5

Food: 4.5 / 5

Service: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Fahrenheit Custom Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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