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Experiencing Madness in the Donkey’s Arse

We Indians have an ability to convert calamity into opportunity. What you doubt that? Take this then for example. What started off as a heated debate between two frustrated, dead tired  peeps actually made it as a name of one of the trio of the new happening Madness in town. The two were fighting off silly and one just happened to say ‘Ja gadhi ki gaand mein’ and a pot of gold was struck. They actually happen to agree on the name of the club as ‘Donkey’s Arse’. Now this sexy, fabulous arse happens to be just one of the ASSests of the DSCH the hospitality group behind all the new wave of madness that’s griping the city. The other two being ‘Social Clinic’ (a restobar) and ‘SuperHeroes’ (a party hub for kids) all the three located in a three storied house in Lane # 7 Koregaon Park.

Me and my blogger buddies landed up by the Arse on an exclusive invite courtesy Carpe Diem (love you guys) for the grand, scintillating, red carpet launch party. When you get such an invite there is no way you let go such an arse, and I was no different when I grabbed it with both hands. (ahh huge hands have some benefits after all don’t they 😉 ) It was the most awesome, splendid welcome we had received ever with the photo booths and exclusive pic coverage, media and the coolest of hosts ensuring that no stone is left unturned to make it a grand, gala of a beginning. The façade really had us be-fooled; for no sooner did we took the right turn to enter the DONKEY’s ARSE (via staircase) we felt like we were tumbling down the rabbit hole much like Alice herself. The artwork, the lighting, the furniture, the attire, everything around and the sheer concept in the first place is so damn crazy that you can’t keep yourself aloof from the engulfing aura that it creates. The chairs for instance comes in a wide variety right from Dachshund to ladies laps of various shapes, fish, hippos and what not. The staff around has attire with chicky lines such as this…..(Here, see for yourself)

The washrooms sport some of the most luscious lips on the doors. The walls have these crazy decors adorning the place such as flaming heads (a flaming shot gone wrong may be?), praying angels (hiding in an arse? Whatever..), colored fishes swimming nowhere, ladies legs sticking out of the walls….and an amazing ceiling that sports paintings like none other. I was told that the art students, free lancers were invited and asked to paint their wildest thoughts and boy what a job they did. For instance, this jack-ARSS that’s all over the ceiling is doing exactly the opposite to the three monkey thing……Yesss….tempted na? You should be….go check out the art gallery yourself.

The party really got roaring in no time in the Donkey Arse around 9 once the special guests, people from the media and social media (bloggers, reviewers, column writers), celebs, entrepreneur’s, owners of some of the most vibrant food joints in town and the who’s who of hospitality industry along with eminent faces from the PR and marketing industry made an appearance around the floor.

Photo 28-01-16, 9 08 25 PM

On seeing Samantha all i could here was ….Aaaakkaaassshhhhh 😉

We laughed our arse’s off to Mr. Atul Khatri’s crackling performance where in he targeted all the Sindhis, Marwari and Gujju’s in the house. He started on a slow note but had the public in splits by the time he started wrapping up his act.

Atul Khatri – stand up performance

The floor also welcomed ‘The Mad Hatters’ (and we were sure that we are playing Alice that day) who got off to a lovely start and soon had the people singing with them on the tunes of ‘Let her go’ by Passenger.

Photo 28-01-16, 10 56 38 PM

Mad Hatters Performing live

We also had ourselves awe-strucked post the performance when the bar tender did some amazing flaring tricks. The booz was literally flowing from the start and also took the shape of some amazing, pretty neat flame tricks on the bar counter. Oh and did I mention they had Bira on the tap? But that kinda took a backseat with Jägerbomb wooing the audience with its appearance on the bar deck.

Photo 28-01-16, 10 49 51 PM

All the while, we had some amazing starters accompanying the drinks and madness. I am not sure about the names of the dishes that came up; thanks to the neat packing that gave them a new avatar but they tasted amazing. The chicken kebabs (could be reshmi chicken tikka) with creamy white liquid cheese was just the right thing to melt you down. I wouldn’t mind having couple of platters of this beauty alone let others. There was also a wide spread of buffet downstairs in the ‘SocialClinic’ which is a restobar. Unfortunately we were so engrossed socializing and enjoying some Jägerbombs that we couldn’t get dinner served. More on that in my next visit.


Social Clinic: Designed very unconventionally, this place is a replica of an OPD with wheelchairs, Dentist chairs, hospital beds and a staff who dresses up like ward boys and nurse. This sports both outdoor and indoor sitting area and has open kitchen and live counters. The music is modern and helps keep the vibe energetic. Come treat yourself to some exotic cocktail cures, injection shots and exotic drips! The Mediterranean menu with lots of healthy kebabs is sure to speed up your recovery!

‘SuperHeroes’: This is an area on rooftop for the young ones typically 4 to 15 years old with tons of games and activites to keep the super heroes at work. They have special themes and packages for b’day parties. The children would be looked after by well trained and educators babysitters and nannies and fed delicious, healthy food from a specially created menu just for them. So why wait drop your kids here as you enjoy a 4 hrs slot of shopping or partying around. Let the super heroes fly…..

What more can you ask for from a super night? The best of booz, food and social connect. The event was covered by atleast 10 media houses that day which goes to say the vibe that it has already created.

In the end had a chance to meet Mr. Dashmit Chabra himself along with his charming director Pratima Soni who cracked us up over their funny one liners. The whole concept is very disruptive that goes least to say; and they even made it loud and clear with a very unique customized souvenir in the end – a glass bottled hot pressed to a serving plate. I just loved the place that goes unsaid by now and I am pretty excited to try their other ventures soon. I would urge you to lift that Arse of yours and go check out the DONKEY’S ARSE yourself.

Now, what I usually do……..a special tip exclusive to my readers. They are coming up with a huge project a complete glass covered disco at Lonavala somewhere around mid year. Stay tuned for more updates….


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