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Clove Caterers – Spice up your palette tips

Clove caterers - Parikshit Vilekar - 31 Dec (1)Clove caterers - Parikshit Vilekar - 31 Dec (2)Clove caterers managed by Parikshit and his wife Anuja Vilekar operates from a cozy kitchen of the Vilekar’s residence and is known for the best biryani in town. I had wanted to dig into their sumptuous biryani for long and also tried my luck on Christmas only to find out I was late in booking a slot. But without wasting any time further I booked one for the 31st eve and the fate was sealed. Finally had the pleasure of hogging onto 1 kg chicken biryani of the Vilekar’s on new year’s eve. Well having stayed in Hyderabad for over 6 years I have been exposed to quiet a lot of variants and tried Biryanis at countless places. People swear by Biryanis at Paradise or Bawarchi or some more ambitious folks would go an extra mile to reach out to Shadab’s in old city for their biryani cravings but nothing would come close to the experience I had the other day. And for those who know these places and are thinking that I am going a bit overboard, please hold on to your thoughts until you have one of Clove’s special biryanis. So obviously that brings us to the point; what’s so special about the Clove caterers biryani? Well, the recipe and exact process rests with the Vilekar’s but I will put my experience into words here. According to me the USP of their biryani lies with the meat (Veggies please don’t get offended, but I seriously believe that there is nothing like a veg biryani. It has to be non veg also Mutton in particular but chicken biryani will get a handicap here.) that they use and the way its prepared. For instance if I were to ask you guys to take a blind fold test as to having a piece of meat you could tell that this is breast piece or wings or a leg piece for the sheer texture difference that exists; however, when it comes to this biryani there was no difference at all Parikshit or Anuja should I say, had actually managed to make all the pieces equally amazing textured. The softness, aroma, melt in the mouth texture were absolutely equally imparted to every single piece and that gave it a superb head start to begin with. Next, the sheer quantity of chicken that goes in. I mean say, if you use 1.5 kg meat for 1 kg biryani then the Vilekar’s put over 2 Kg’s easily (Rough estimates for illustration). Thirdly, there was no wastage when it comes to pieces. The pieces were cut/ diced very neatly and professionally and there were no waste parts or ‘Giblets’ like liver, heart, bony neck pieces, rib cage, gizzard etc. In order to do this Parikshit makes sure he buys extra meat and then removes all these that forms the giblets. All the parts were cut such that each of the piece or huge meat chunk if I may call it was enough to go with 2 ladles of Biryanis served (a portion/ serving). The net result is a satisfying plate of biryani that creates an everlasting impression. Yes believe it or not I can still recall and savor the taste after 10 days.
The rice used was adorned and embellished by the enchanting aroma of the freshly used mint leaves/ pudina. The steam coming out had the touch of mint and spices that went in and was a pleasant surprise. So many biryanis and yet finally his experience came with the Cloves biryani. Unfortunate, hard to believe, but true. The moment I savored the rice I couldn’t be more astounded to find the spices used in so splendid way. The spices used were so well used that it gave a very mild flavor and aroma to the whole biryani. The spices were really used very optimally so that the net result can even be enjoyed by young ones alike. My 3 year old ate it whole heartedly without a complaint. I like my food spicy and I am pretty sure that the flavors can be increased very easily by the expert hands at Cloves by since this was the first time I was trying their special biryani I didn’t add in any alterations/ customizations.
Simply put loved the biryani whole heatedly, echoed to numerous voices who call Pariskhit Biryani king of Pune and pretty desperate to try their mutton biryani now. For those who think that there biryani could be overpriced, all I would say is respect the man and his efforts for what is doing is unique. If you want something premium you simply have to shell out a few bucks extra. So don’t even think that it would score less on value for money aspects. And to put a final nail in, just go and try it out yourself and all such doubts will be put to rest. Period.
Rating: I would give it a 9/10.
Suggestions: Parikshit, please try using some additional spices like cinnamon, star anise (Karan fhul) etc and I am sure the flavor can be taken another notch up. Secondly why not use a pinch of kesar? Also, Biryani is incomplete without a mirchi ka salan. I am sure it wouldn’t be difficult for you guys who have such expert hands wielding the ladle.
## Pardon me for the poor pictures, it was 31st guys and I was……


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